A Flamingo Tale - Remastered WIP

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A Flamingo Tale - Remastered WIP

#1 Post by bluebirdplays » Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:37 pm

Hey guys! Last October I developed a short game about a flamingo that saves the world. I finished it within 30 days, and you can play it right here:

A Flamingo Tail

Quick TLDR: Adventure, Kinetic, Animalcentric, Available for Windows or Browser only

Since then, I've been wanting to remaster the game to include better graphics and a more cohesive story, so this thread will have all my updates and such as they happen :> While the story will probably remain the same for the most part, I intend to develop the ending a lot more than I had with its first iteration. Also, I love feedback of any sort and knowing how my players view the game would be super helpful as I work on it again!

Current Events:

New Title Screen.
Tale, not Tail



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