Project Nova Era

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Project Nova Era

#1 Post by brunosxs » Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:45 pm

Hi folks. I have been searching for jams that interested me and that would put me out of my comfort zone, and I found nanoreno yesterday(it was actually the start of the week, but I only had time to sit and look at things yesterday).

So, I wanted to present myself and my project, sorry for the long post, I hope the comunity is as warm and welcoming to new people as the godot comunity, which is from where I came. I am a graduate and work in advertising, but what I like to do and am trying is to be a full-time game-developer/designer.

I have programmed in a lot of html5 frameworks/engines, my main tool nowadays is godot engine and I just discovered Renpy, thanks to the jam.

With one of my passions being writing stories, I had quite a few concepts and games to varying degrees of completion, some with art, others with the physics and mechanics implemented(I mostly like to do platformers and action rpgs), sadly, none finished and worth selling, and that's why I am on this personal quest of trying to finish game ideas and get experience time and time again.

After reading the rules I decided to go with this idea, that I had written and am presenting you all now, I went back at it after reading the recently discovered solar system that has potentialy 3 planets which could maintain life as we know:

Project Nova Era:

Two astronauts are in a pioneering quest towards a planet that has ideal conditions for humam and animal life.
For travelling, it would take more than 120 light years to get to their destination, far surpassing the lifespans of both. That's why they will be under a specially designed and cutting edge technology of suspended animation.

During the course(before and after entering in suspension) they will have to make decisions for the continuity of the mission, with the usual interactions from visual novel style-games.

There's a lot of backstory, involving the companies and people surrounding the mission, The original concept touches subjects like family bounds, regret, restarts and the impact of big corporations in the everyday life of people, marketing, PR and public perception. I don't know if I will be able to write the story as well as I think, but I will do my best :D

I have just finished making some simple textures for one of the 3 characters.


Girl WIP:

Thanks for taking your time reading, would love to hear the feedback.

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