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Valerie's Rest [Family_Friendly] [Heartwarming]

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:51 am
by Plotline_Progenitor
This project has since been finished and released, please refer to the following thread

This opening post has been edited into this, so the following replies might not make too much sense anymore

Re: Valerie's Rest [Family_Friendly] [Heartwarming]

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:10 am
by catfriend3000
This games sounds so sweet! I hope you and Puffbun are successful in creating the game.

Re: Valerie's Rest [Family_Friendly] [Heartwarming]

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:30 pm
by Plotline_Progenitor
Status report:

After communication with several voice actors the roles of Seanan, Meilu, and the maid have been filled, I am still waiting for a response from the first of one of three potential voice actors for Misaki, I have found two candidates to play the man in plaid but have decided to wait until after Christmas to contact them (it just seems intrusive during a very busy time to me). To put it another way 6 out of 8 characters have been officially casted and voices will be coded into the project as the files are received (after confirming the performance is fitting to the scene of course)

While these roles have been confirmed filled few sound and image files for this project have been produced due to practically everyone in this project being hit with something that tangled us up in some way (Eg sickness, end of term exams, work responsibilities, etc) so unfortunately almost no progress has been made in this time, but no one is giving up on this project and everyone is still enthusiastic, I still believe this project has a bright future and will reach completion even if it takes longer than originally planned

Thank you for your interest you have shown this series by reading this thread, and we sincerely apologize for any disappointment caused by these delays

Re: Valerie's Rest [Family_Friendly] [Heartwarming]

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:57 pm
by Plotline_Progenitor
Status Report 2:

Things have gone very badly with this project, and I am now officially changing our release plans. Originally I had planned to wrap up all of the remaining CG's get some voice actors on-board record the lines and get things all wrapped up and delivered somewhere in late January. And this, unfortunately, hasn't come together.

Originally attempts to reach out to voice actors went quite well, I had received agreement from 3 voice actors who told me they were good to record their lines after their own small delays before getting started. This was, for the most part, arranged back in late December and it's now mid-February. One of the voice actors has had life issues get in the way causing them to be busy and sent me a note accepting if I needed to find a new voice actor as they would be busy for the foreseeable future. The other two I haven't heard from in a very long time now despite sending a follow-up message to each. After a long delay the fourth voice actor I reached out to still hadn't responded so I contacted someone else and after another lengthy delay I received a polite refusal, the fifth voice actor also politely declined and the person I contacted them never even responded to my message though I have reason to believe they did receive it.

So in regards to the voice acting component of this project things are looking pretty bleak, in light of this I have cancelled the voice-acting component of this project, though there is still a very slim chance that if things go well in a certain way then I might start considering a later update or re-release including voices.

After a very long delay I've finally gotten back in contact with the artist, she is aware of and very apologetic for these extended delays stemming from a number of factors that affected her life in recent months, the wheels of this project are finally turning again even so we've changed strategy in that she'll be working hard to produce a cover page for the game so that if unfortunate difficulties set production back again I can shrink the scope of the project and adjust the current project to be fit for release without CG's, I will begin work on this CG free version in case it becomes necessary. It may even be that once the cover image is received the CG free version will be released and a CG inclusive version coming as a later update, re-release, or version 2

I will discuss with the artist to see if I can arrange for fixed release date/s based on these contingency plans

This project will see release, but unfortunately may not be as full and polished as we had initially set out to make it, and it may still take a fair while before then, I am beginning work on an alternate version of the game which needs no CG's in case it becomes necessary to release as such

Thank you for the interest you've shown in the Valerie's Rest project by reading this post

Too long didn't read:
Practically no progress has occurred since this thread began but the artist is finally back, voice acting has been cancelled, working on a CG free version of the game so that there will be a release with or without CG's, CG free version may still be waiting for a cover image, thank you for reading this post

Re: Valerie's Rest [Family_Friendly] [Heartwarming]

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:46 am
by Plotline_Progenitor
Valerie's Rest: Scripts and Dreams voiceless edition is now ready for you all

After a lot of difficulties and delays I am happy to announce the release of an unvoiced edition of Valerie's rest!

You can download it here: Windows / Macintosh

While this edition is now available for you to read we have also brought back our plans to include voice acting for the narrator and all characters and intend to make another release which includes the voices as originally planned, if things go well we should be able to release Valerie's Rest: Scripts and dreams with the voices included after one or two months

Thank you for checking out our project, I'm sorry it took so long to complete and I hope you enjoy it