Softball Dreams (romantic/slice-of-life)

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Softball Dreams (romantic/slice-of-life)

#1 Post by ezzy-rezzy » Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:57 am

Mellody has never been one for sports. But yet, she’s put on the softball team as a pitcher after a hidden talent of hers is revealed. She meets Rylee, Troy, and Kaiko, alongside her childhood best friend, Jacob. However, a traumatic event on the night of the school festival will change her perspective on life and love… if she survives the aftermath.

A short, free visual novel. No longer than 30 minutes in length.

(No images available yet.)

Character summaries:

Mellody: The player character. She is in love with her best friend, Jacob, who she has known since kindergarten. But upon meeting Rylee, Troy, and Kaiko, she may or may not keep her feelings for Jacob.

Jacob: Mellody's childhood best friend. A member of the softball team, and a friend of the three other main characters. One of the main reasons Mellody joins the softball team.

Rylee: A classmate of Mellody's. Also one of the main reasons Mellody joins the softball team. She is also a movie fanatic, and knows everything about how movies are made.

Troy: A very protective person, to the point where he has a battery charge for beating up someone who harassed his ex.

Kaiko: She is described as "cute" and able to pass as a child.

(Sorry the character descriptions aren't good. I'll update them as the game development progresses.)

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