talk animation with idle after, possible?

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talk animation with idle after, possible?

#1 Post by SLim_Games » Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:04 pm

so I got this talking animation that follows into an idle animation. Since the animation is so long I made it a webm file.
Here is it's current state:

Code: Select all

image c3animation2 = Movie(play="c3Animations/animation2/2.webm", fps=25)
image c3animation3 = Movie(play="c3Animations/animation2/3.webm", fps=25)

image talkAnimation:
        pause 1.3
Ok, it works so far, except that when it goes from the talking to idle animation I get some flickering. I also don't have the pause perfectly timed.
So is there a better way to do this? maybe without using a pause? I tried it with image files, but the animation is too long and it loads really long -> plus it performs bad on android phones
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