Problem with running renpy engene (Pc can't found PYTHON27)

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Problem with running renpy engene (Pc can't found PYTHON27)

#1 Post by DiamondRoseTears » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:48 am

Well here is my problem, until a few days ago everything that had to do with renpy (the games from here, the engine e.t.c.) were working.
But today that I tried to play again one of the games of renpy couln't after that I tried to run the renpy engine, and I couldn't do it again.
It is saying something like this (it is in my langauge so I don't know exactly what it could say in english)
It wasn't able to find the "LoadLibrary(pythondll)" failed. and when I click ok it says: C/Documents and Settings/MADO/renpy-6.13.9/PYTHON26.DLL

The same thing has happend to me with a lot of things similar to renpy, other times it says PYTHON26.DLL and other PYTHON27.DLL

I don't know what to do to fix it!
I tried several methods that I found on the internet... but still...
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