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Re: Points System?

#16 Post by M-77 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:08 pm

I found a way for a Marker, getting set which rooms where visited in the game to progress in story if all are seen.I use the "True/False" Variable. Set the rooms (each one) at top of script to False. If visited room it marks bevore leaving to True. If revisit, bevore the Image is loaded (after I get syntax error, maybe retry later) it checks if True then jumps back to corridor. In the "Storage Room" where player is suposed to go to continue, i did the same. Plus adding all other rooms with the "if ... Room == True" then jump to label where game "storage=shower Scene" start. The trick was find out that "Renpy" can use the "and" "or" command to bind the all rooms status to one "array". Otherwise it jumped right after only one room was visited and you go to storage or direct 2x visiting the storage room.
I found out reading here and in other Forums. And trying it out.

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