Button to show/hide NVL narration during a continuing scene?

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Button to show/hide NVL narration during a continuing scene?

#1 Post by Galaxy » Sun May 04, 2014 5:08 am

Hi again!

So, I'm including some NVL narration in a new project, that is only available during certain parts of scenes - some of you guys might use a feature like this for a "hints" popup or whatever.

I need to have a button that only appears when it's available, and visibly glows when it's "unread", but doesn't interfere with clicking through the scene as normal. I'm not using menus, but I am using dialogue subtitles and image changes like a normal Ren'Py scene.

Here's what I want to happen, ideally:
  • -When a scene reaches a point I define, a glowing icon appears in the corner (maybe animated).
  • -If the user clicks on it, it turns on NVL mode narration for the scene (probably by going to a separate version of the scene that is coded to include the NVL mode) - and the icon stops glowing.
  • -The NVL narration is clicked through as normal - with occasional image changes in the background as the scene continues.
  • -IF POSSIBLE, the scene can still contain subtitles (like the characters are still talking behind the narration), without affecting or wiping out the NVL text when subtitles appear or change.
  • -If the user clicks on the button again at any point, it makes the NVL narration invisible, without affecting the user's place in the scene going on in the background or the amount of NVL text displayed at the point they hide it. The button (not glowing) remains available in case the user wants to make the NVL narration visible again.
  • -If they click on the button again, the NVL text resumes at the point they left it.
  • -Once the scene reaches a certain point, the NVL mode clears/resets and the button disappears.

Maybe this can be done by having the NVL narration there whether it's visible or not and making the button change the visibility... but then users would be clicking a bunch of times to advance NVL text they couldn't even see...

I also don't even know if I can still have the scene's own subtitles continue as normal as though the characters are still talking behind the NVL narration.

Maybe NVL is not what I need for this effect...

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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