HideInterface() exceptions - is it possible?

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HideInterface() exceptions - is it possible?

#1 Post by barsunduk » Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:10 pm

i'm trying to make a screen with an easter eggs (to view secret stories. and some items to collect it). it can located behind the text window. i want to hide a text box by click out of text box. action HideInterface(). but my easter_eggs screen hiding too. and it's sad. i'm using Show()/Hide(). but if i hiding say screen two times i can see error message "NameError: name 'who' is not defined".

is there any way to hide all screens except one?

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init -999:
    $ say_visible = True

    screen text_area:
        zorder 1
            area (0, yy, config.screen_width, config.screen_height - yy)
            hovered Hide("nodismiss")
            unhovered Show("nodismiss")
    screen easter_eggs:
        zorder -1
        textbutton ("click me!\ni'm bonus!") action Hide("easter_eggs") align (0.0, 1.0)

    screen nodismiss:
        zorder 0
        if say_visible == True:
            key "mouseup_1" action [Hide("say"), SetVariable("say_visible", False), SetVariable("yy", 450)]
            key "mouseup_1" action [Show("say"), SetVariable("say_visible", True), SetVariable("yy", 0)]

label start:
    $ yy = 450
    show screen nodismiss
    show screen text_area
    show screen easter_eggs

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