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Gallery modification assistance

#1 Post by Qu-ko » Sat Jan 26, 2008 11:28 pm

Okay, yeah, I'm posting because I got halfway and then got stuck as to what to do.

I was looking at the Ren'Py reference manual and saw the entry on ui.viewport, and figured "OMG if I can integrate that into the gallery image viewer, that would be so ttly pwnsome!"

So I replaced "renpy.scene()" with "ui.viewport(xadjustment=None, yadjustment=None, set_adjustments=True, mousewheel=True, draggable=True, style='viewport')", and... after a couple clicks, I am able to scroll/drag around the image, which is awesome and exactly what I wanted to do.

However, I want to get rid of those couple clicks required before the image can be dragged around, and I also want to make it so that a final click does NOT return the image back to the gallery page, but rather a button that is at the bottom right corner. I can easily do the bottom right corner "Return" button, but what I'm stuck on is the clicking, because the new_gallery.rpy file has a bunch of more complicated code I'm not quite as familiar with.

I feel reasonably accomplished for doing this, though. Mainly because I'm not yet proficient with this coding stuff. >_>;

ANYWAY, I've attached the current new_gallery.rpy file that I have, so I don't make a gigantic post and so you know where I'm currently at.

So, ye Ren'Py gods, I humbly request assistance!!!!!!!!!1!111!!11!!!1!1!1!11
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