DSE-Questions on Priority and Events

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DSE-Questions on Priority and Events

#1 Post by infel » Tue May 17, 2016 8:48 pm

So I'm trying to learn DSE coding. I've downloaded the most recent one and though it's pretty helpful, I'm utterly confused about priority for evens and the event.solo(), event.once(), and codes like that.

Here's an example on the DSE code with the priorities and what the even.??? means. If anyone can help, that would be great. I just don't get this part =(.

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  # Here are Sporty Girl's events that happen during the exercise act.
    $ event("catchme", "act == 'exercise'",
            event.depends('introduction'), event.once())
    $ event("cantcatchme", "act == 'exercise'",
            event.depends('catchme'), event.solo(), priority=190)
    $ event("caughtme", "act == 'exercise' and strength >= 50",
            event.depends('catchme'), event.once())
    $ event("together", "act == 'exercise' and strength >= 50",
            event.depends('caughtme'), event.solo(), priority=180)
    $ event("apart", "act == 'exercise' and strength < 50",
            event.depends('caughtme'), event.solo(), priority=180)
    $ event("pothole", "act == 'exercise' and strength >= 100",
            event.depends('caughtme'), event.once())
    $ event("dontsee", "act == 'exercise'",
            event.depends('pothole'), event.solo(), priority=170)
    $ event("sg_confess", "act == 'class'",
            event.depends('dontsee'), event.once())    
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Re: DSE-Questions on Priority and Events

#2 Post by theCodeCat » Wed May 18, 2016 5:07 am

It's difficult to give useful advice without knowing more about which parts you're having trouble with.

I can try helping you out over Skype IM if you want (my id there is 'thecodecat').

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