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#1 Post by Hyouri » Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:04 pm

(Are you all sick of me yet?)

Here is what I would like to happen:

There is a clickable button somewhere at all times which takes me to the stat screen.

The layout of the stat screen has lots of stats, each out of 100 for an individual person.


Itachi 10/100
Sakura 35/100
Sasuke 52/100

And so on and so forth. I would like this screen to be accessable at all times, if possible, and to update whenever someone picks and option which changes the stat.


Code: Select all

    "Hi, Sasuke! You look stupid.":
        su "... I hate you, Naruto. Go die."
        $ su_points -= 30
    "Hi, Sasuke! Does your hair always look so soft and shiny? Is it natural?":
        su "Everything about me is natural, Naruto."
        $ su_points += 20

and then one could go to the stat screen (like when one right clicks) and it shows the updated stat depending on what you clicked. I have the DSE, I read into the stats.rpy file but not a single word made sense to me. I admit I can be slow when it concerns this stuff, and I really need some help here. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Stats...?!

#2 Post by JQuartz » Thu Dec 25, 2008 8:20 pm

You can use overlay to constantly display the stats. Example...

Code: Select all

    $ Itachipoints= "10/100" 
    $ Sakurapoints= "35/100"
    $ Sasukepoints= "52/100"

    python hide:
        def date_overlay():
                ui.text("Itachi %(Itachipoints)s" % globals(),
                         xpos=1.0, xanchor="right",
                         ypos=0.0, yanchor="top")

"This is needed otherwise the game won't run."
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