Side Images, how to dissolve?

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Side Images, how to dissolve?

#1 Post by Hollace » Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:01 am

Hello! I've been reworking my visual novel to make it more appealing to the eye. There are quite a few problems I am getting stuck on, but I'm starting to understand how to do them. All though there is one specifically that I can't seem to get an understanding of. How to make side images dissolve with the screen or when a new emotion appears. I've looked through plenty codes and some are outdated and some just don't seem to work with me. For example when I do this;

Code: Select all

transform same_transform(old, new):
    new with Dissolve(0.2, alpha=True)

define config.side_image_same_transform = same_transform
It just seems to be doing absolutely nothing. I tried to put the tranform and define under an init, I tried to change the Dissolve to dissolve. I think I might be using the code wrong in some kind of way, but I just can't get my grasp on why it's going so badly. The thing is, I really need this dissolve as whenever I add a new character in the front by using;

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    scene bg characteristics 
    BP normal "You see this list? This list shows you what for characteristics you can have!"
    BP normal "If you gain the same characteristics and interests as the person you've got your eye on then they're more inclined to find you appealing!"
    show phillip normal at left with moveinleft
    BP normal "An example, I love creative and kind people!"
The dialogue box stays, but the side image dissapears for a bit and returns immediately without transition. If there is a fix for that, I'd absolutely adore that, but I'll still need the code for the transitions.

I've heard it might not work if the images aren't of the same height, but they're all the exact same height and length, so I don't really seem to understand where the problem is coming from.
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