How to find out how many words and lines in scenario on RenPy game?

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How to find out how many words and lines in scenario on RenPy game?

#1 Post by Veshurik » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:37 am

Hello! I need your help, guys. I want to find out how many words in scenario of any RenPy game. And how many lines of text (dialogue blocks) it has.

Here is the full script and separate folder of script for translation - (original script in Chinese, unfortunately). Can you help me with that? Because, when I try to "extract the dialogue", it extract as a empty file.

The problem is that RenPy want to extract the lines from script.rpy, when usually there are not even such name of file in game. Usually they are other script names (like 01.rpy etc). I tried to collect all script files onto one and just rename that file into script.rpy, but it doesn't help - still extract dialogue.txt with 0Kb. That's bad.

Maybe, there are other ways to find out how to find the size of scenario text, number of lines etc.?

Thank you very much!

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