RenPy new version - install Android SDK again...

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RenPy new version - install Android SDK again...

#1 Post by Apa » Sat Jan 20, 2018 1:32 pm

This is follow up to thread
>>Android Build failed Renpy 6.14
>Please hit "install sdk" again.
I do not install SDK to every RenPy version.
I create link instead
Directory of C:\renpy-6.99.14-sdk\rapt
01/20/2018 01:13 AM <JUNCTION> android-sdk-r24.4.1 [C:\android-sdk]

I wonder if you can change RenPy to look up Android SDK in env. instead of installing it:

If RenPy needs specific Android SDK Tools Revision or Build Tools, RenPy can try installing it into existing Android SDK or log error message and we can install it ourselves.
Android SDK is relatively big and It’ll be great if we don’t have to download it every time. :oops:
Thank you!

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