Ren'Py game export not working for Steam

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Ren'Py game export not working for Steam

#1 Post by mayshing » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:15 pm

We really could use some help! This issue has been plaguing us for almost a month now (and Steam is no help, at all):

We can get the PC version of our finished game Edepth Angel: Pinocchio's Murder to upload to Steam, ready to play but all other versions are being reported by Steam as not compatible to download. We have been archiving/exporting the game as usual/same as PC but Steam just wigs out (but our players can directly download the same export just find, just not through Steam). All other site releases (like and Bitcoin) have no problem.

For Steam: Our PC/Mac/Linux package doesn't work so our solution right now is to archive a Mac package and offer it as DLC. But currently it's not reading as Mac-readable/playable whenever we upload it to Steam.

Are we missing something when we export? Can others who've successfully uploaded PC/Mac/Linux versions of their games to Steam help us out? Please and thank you!
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