Timeline Save States

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Timeline Save States

#1 Post by ap94 » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:00 am

Hi! I started programmning my first Ren'Py game and now I'm struggling with the save/load state function.

I want something like this in my game (is this even possible?):


Further I want that my game has an autosave function so there wont be a save, load and menu button in-game. I'm working with choices and different endings, so once you've decided to for example either pick the blue or the red pill you can't jump back, you play the game until the end.

I don't know if someone already solved this problem and I didn't find any topic to this.

I'd be grateful for every help, thank you! -AP

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Re: Timeline Save States

#2 Post by Milkymalk » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:02 pm

I see what you are going for. You want each decision be final and to have impact, and to make the player think about what he wants to choose.

That's not really a problem. Remove all keybindings and buttons that bring up the load/save screen and set this as True:

Code: Select all

define config.has_autosave = True
define config.autosave_on_quit = True
define config.autosave_slots = 1
This saves whenever the player quits, closes the game or exits to the main menu.
Note that this will not help you as it saves BEFORE a choice:

Code: Select all

define config.autosave_on_choice = True
After each choice, block rollback using this:

Code: Select all

$ renpy.block_rollback()
And "manually" save using:
https://www.renpy.org/doc/html/save_loa ... renpy.save

Though I'm not sure how you can force the function to save over an autosave.

Then replace the "Load Game" button in the main menu with "Continue" and make it so that it loads your one save.
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