Setting maximum number of lines for renpy.input

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Setting maximum number of lines for renpy.input

#1 Post by EveningDove » Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:06 pm

Hello! I'm trying to make a custom input field that limits the number of lines the user can enter.

Basically, I'm trying to give the player an in-game notepad where they can write things down, but they only have enough space to write a handful of lines. (In other words, I want it to work similarly to the renpy.input properties "pixel_width" and "length", but vertically.)

For completeness/context, here's my code:

Code: Select all

screen CustomField_input(x, y, pixelWidth, pixelHeight, defaultText=""):
        style "CustomField_TypingIn"
            background None
            xpos x ypos y
            xsize pixelWidth ysize pixelHeight

                id "input"
                layout "greedy"
                xpos 0
                ypos 0
                ymaximum pixelHeight #This dosnt seem to do anything
                size 20
                font "FSEX300.ttf"
                exclude "[]\\"
                default defaultText
    use quick_menu
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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