Android - Movies not looping

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Android - Movies not looping

#1 Post by w022a » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:35 am

I found that although working fine on my Windows machine, movie loops are not working when I build an Android distribution. The video plays once and then movies to the next action.

Stripped right basic to the default project, problem can be recreated by building an Android release with below.

Code: Select all

label start:

    # Show a background. This uses a placeholder by default, but you can
    # add a file (named either "bg room.png" or "bg room.jpg") to the
    # images directory to show it.

    scene bg room

    # This shows a character sprite. A placeholder is used, but you can
    # replace it by adding a file named "eileen happy.png" to the images
    # directory.

    $ renpy.movie_cutscene("Cam_all_screens_1.mkv",delay=-1, loops=-1, stop_music=False)

    show eileen happy

    # These display lines of dialogue.

    e "You've created a new Ren'Py game."

    e "Once you add a story, pictures, and music, you can release it to the world!"

    # This ends the game.


Am i doing something wrong here? Using Renpy 7.0

Tested on Android 7 and Amazon FireTV Stick


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