Choice buttons on android[solved]

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Choice buttons on android[solved]

#1 Post by Imperf3kt » Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:40 am

I'm trying to create a base GUI specifically for Android or other 9:16 (or similar) aspect ratio devices, and have stumbled into something I can't work out.
I'm currently working on the choice screen and notice that on the Android emulator (and subsequently, on Android devices) the choice buttons have no background.

PC is on the left, Android on the right:

I've tried using the style inspector to find out why there is a difference but it doesn't work in the emulator.
I cannot see anything in the gui or screens files.

Can anybody tell me what causes the difference?
The entire project can be found here, if needed. Its only about 1MB:!ZZM0XY4D!o4WrWc2Zpk0DaTUhUE-fxw

Okay, this always happens... I answered my own question seconds after posting.
It seems that the files choice_hover_background.png and choice_idle_background.png were missing from gui/phone/button
I did not delete them, and I've noticed this problem several times before, so I don't think its anything I did to this project. It seems as if the files were simply never created when I started the project.
I also noticed a few other minor issues with the "mobile variants" default .rpy files while editing, Where do I report these things (and the fixes I found)?
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