"Moving" Camera Effect

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"Moving" Camera Effect

#1 Post by mahoop » Wed Oct 10, 2018 1:05 pm

Hello people, it's been a while since I asked anything around here and I hope that you can help me,
Many of the topics I will address here are easy to manipulate or find, but the question I can't solve is: How do you make them a single code, to fulfill my need?

The problem:
In short, when a specific character start to talk, I would like the "camera" to focus on that character.
And what's so hard about it?
I would like two effects to occur during this act. One, zoom in on the background. Two, the characters would be raised a bit up.

As I mentioned above, there is nothing that we have not seen before, "xzoom", "_last_say_who", "xpos" and "ypos" and so on. But I can't figure out how to merge all these functions together.

Any suggestions?

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Re: "Moving" Camera Effect

#2 Post by TakeHomeTheCup » Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:17 pm

Well, there is a renpy 3d camera. If you search it on Google, there is a YouTube video with the link in the description. The site is in Japanese though.

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