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Asked to Overwrite Save on Load Screen? [SOLVED]

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 7:22 pm
by Eirrir
Hello! This is my first time making a custom game menu screen to this extent, and unfortunately, I've run into an issue with the confirm (yes/no) prompt in save/load/delete screen. I've made different yes/no prompt images for saving, loading, and deleting files, but they don't show up accordingly. No matter whether I'm trying to save, load, or delete a save file, the only confirm message that pops up is "Do you want to overwrite the save?" Not only that, I can only overwrite saves. For example, even on the load file screen, I'm not able to load the actual save file, only overwrite it. I'm almost sure this is why only one confirm message pops up.

Can someone help me to make it so that yes/no prompts show up on the correct screen and executes the correct function (save, load, delete file)? Thanks for your time!

Code: Select all

screen file_slots(title):

    default page_name_value = FilePageNameInputValue(pattern=_("Page {}"), auto=_("Automatic saves"), quick=_("Quick saves"))

    use game_menu(title):


            ## This ensures the input will get the enter event before any of the
            ## buttons do.
            order_reverse True

            ## The page name, which can be edited by clicking on a button.
                style "page_label"

                key_events True
                xalign 0.5
                action page_name_value.Toggle()

                    style "page_label_text"
                    value page_name_value

            ## The grid of file slots.
            grid gui.file_slot_cols gui.file_slot_rows:
                style_prefix "slot"

                xalign 0.5
                yalign 0.5

                spacing gui.slot_spacing

                for i in range(gui.file_slot_cols * gui.file_slot_rows):

                    $ slot = i + 1

                        action FileAction(slot)

                        has vbox

                        add FileScreenshot(slot) xalign 0.5

                        text FileTime(slot, format=_("{#file_time}%A, %B %d %Y, %H:%M"), empty=_("empty slot")):
                            style "slot_time_text"

                        text FileSaveName(slot):
                            style "slot_name_text"

                        key "save_delete" action FileDelete(slot)

            ## Buttons to access other pages.
                style_prefix "page"

                xalign 0.5
                yalign 1.0

                spacing gui.page_spacing

                textbutton _("<") action FilePagePrevious()

                if config.has_autosave:
                    textbutton _("{#auto_page}A") action FilePage("auto")

                if config.has_quicksave:
                    textbutton _("{#quick_page}Q") action FilePage("quick")

                ## range(1, 10) gives the numbers from 1 to 9.
                for page in range(1, 10):
                    textbutton "[page]" action FilePage(page)

                textbutton _(">") action FilePageNext()

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screen load_save_slot:
    $ file_text = "% 2s. %s\n%s" % (
                        FileSlotName(number, 4),
                        FileTime(number, empty=_("Empty Slot")),

    add FileScreenshot(number) xpos 220 ypos 20
    text file_text xpos 0 ypos 10 size 40 color "#ffffff" outlines [ (2, "#302B54") ] kerning 2 font "fonts/Laborate.ttf"
    key "save_delete" action FileDelete(number)

Re: Asked to Overwrite Save on Load Screen?

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:29 am
by Imperf3kt
You should take a look at the default file_slots screen, and compare with your edits - you aren't "using" any screen, so its probably only showing the save screen no matter what you try to get it to show.

Re: Asked to Overwrite Save on Load Screen?

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 6:30 pm
by Eirrir
I tried using file_slots as suggested, for example, by adding use file_slots(_("Load")) to my load screen like this:

Code: Select all

screen load():

    tag menu
    #add "gui/savegame.png"
    use file_slots(_("Load")) #ADDED

        alpha False
        auto "gui/load_%s.png"
        cache False

        hotspot (609, 147, 141, 30) action FilePage("auto")
        hotspot (609, 147, 141, 30) action FilePage("quick")
        hotspot (65, 210, 61, 59) action FilePagePrevious()
        hotspot (89, 275, 28, 37) clicked FilePage(1) #activate_sound "sfx/click.wav" hover_sound "sfx/click.wav"
        hotspot (91, 321, 24, 33) clicked FilePage(2) #activate_sound "sfx/click.wav" hover_sound "sfx/click.wav"
        hotspot (94, 364, 23, 32) clicked FilePage(3) #activate_sound "sfx/click.wav" hover_sound "sfx/click.wav"
        hotspot (91, 405, 29, 33) clicked FilePage(4) #activate_sound "sfx/click.wav" hover_sound "sfx/click.wav"
        hotspot (90, 445, 31, 39) clicked FilePage(5) #activate_sound "sfx/click.wav" hover_sound "sfx/click.wav"
        hotspot (95, 492, 25, 36) clicked FilePage(6) #activate_sound "sfx/click.wav" hover_sound "sfx/click.wav"
        hotspot (73, 535, 58, 58) action FilePageNext()

        hotspot (178, 221, 302, 183) clicked FileSave(1):
            use load_save_slot(number=1) #activate_sound "sfx/click.wav" hover_sound "sfx/click.wav"
        hotspot (516, 224, 292, 178) clicked FileSave(2):
            use load_save_slot(number=2) #activate_sound "sfx/click.wav" hover_sound "sfx/click.wav"
        hotspot (858, 224, 293, 181) clicked FileSave(3):
            use load_save_slot(number=3) #activate_sound "sfx/click.wav" hover_sound "sfx/click.wav"

        #hotspot (0,0,0,0) action Return() activate_sound "FILE NAME HERE" hover_sound "FILE NAME HERE"
    use navigation
But it doesn't change anything, and I still have the same problem. I wonder if the problem lies in the "confirm" screen itself or my usage of both file_slots and save_load_slot?

Re: Asked to Overwrite Save on Load Screen?

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:47 pm
by Eirrir
After some toiling, I managed to resolve the issue. Thanks for the help I've received!