Nested layeredimages in 7.1.3 - passing attributes?

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Nested layeredimages in 7.1.3 - passing attributes?

#1 Post by mikolajspy » Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:10 pm

In RenPy 7.1.1 when I made nested layeredimages, it nicely passed the attribute down.
However, in 7.1.3 it stopped working.

Does anyone know how to make nested layeredimages pass the attributes in 7.1.3?
I'd really like to use 7.1.3 as it removes Lint errors for attributes which makes finding other errors much easier.

The example is simple, I'm actually using two-stage nesting in some cases and some ATL.
And no, I can't use groups as they don't allow nesting, are not so flexible for my case and I also want to keep my code cleaner and modular.
It's not exactly what I have, but should show what I'm using it for, it's much more complicated in actual project. I also use python function LayeredImage and Attributes to generate some complex stuff and 7.1.1 was passing attributes to it too.

Code: Select all

layeredimage x_mouths:
    attribute normal default:
    attribute happy:
 image x_eyes = EyesLI("x") #function that returns LayeredImage, used across many characters with different function attribute
layeredimage x:
    always "x/body.png
    always "x_mouths"
    always "x_eyes"
Then I just used:

Code: Select all

show x happy
and it nicely took all images within nested layeredimages and python function with attribute "happy".

So back to my question - can I make it work again on 7.1.3 or should I go back to 7.1.1?

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