Characters Not Displaying Emotions I Input

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Characters Not Displaying Emotions I Input

#1 Post by otomewaifu » Sat Dec 22, 2018 12:26 pm

The emotions for my characters aren't always displaying when I put them. I've checked multiple videos, forums, and sites but I still can't figure out what the problem is. I don't have them blinking or the mouth moving or anything so I don't understand what's wrong. It's literally just an expression change.
(ALSO if someone wants me to show the entire script I can. It's not even long, I literally just started.)

EDIT: I TRIED AND IT STILL ISN'T WORKING. If anyone could help I'd be really grateful. it's been three weeks and honestly I barely even want to do the game anymore. I'm willing to email my entire code over. It's not super long.
But here's my entire code:
# The script of the game goes in this file.

# Declare characters used by this game. The color argument colorizes the
# name of the character.

# The game starts here.
image side t = "tabathanormal.png"
image side t sad = "tabathasad.png"
image side t angry = "tabathaangry.png"
image side t blush = "tabathablush.png"
image side t shock = "tabathashock.png"
image side t tired = "tabathatired.png"
define t = Character("Tabatha", color="#80DCEC", image="tabathanormal")
define tt = Character('Theodore', color="#DCAA25")
define h = Character('Harvey', color="#6D5A26")
define f = Character('Farmer', color="#6D5A26")
define t = Character("Tabatha", image="tabathanormal")
image bg bridgenight = "bridgenight.png"
image bg lanternnight = "lanternnight.png"
image bg bed = "bed.png"
image bg forest = "forest.jpg"
image bg kitchen = "kitchen.png"
image farmer = "farmernormal.png"
image farmer sad = "farmersad.png"
image farmer surprise = "farmersurprise.png"
image farmer happy = "farmerhappy.png"
image ella sad = "ellasad.png"
image ella surprise = "ellasurprise.png"
image ella blush = "ellablush.png"
image ella happy = "ellahappy.png"
image theo = "theonormal.png"
image theo blush = "theoblush.png"
image theo angry = "theoangry.png"
image theo sad = "theosad.png"

label start:

scene bg bridgenight with fade

$ renpy.clear_game_runtime()

init python:
config.side_image_tag = "t"

$ seen_set = [ ]

"I'm exhausted."
"I'm exhausted from walking."
"We've been traipsing for miles."
"It still hasn't been far enough to find something."
"My throat is dry and my legs feel like lead."
"I carry nothing but a knapsack with a few belongings and provisions."
"I know it's not enough to last us more than a couple days."
"I'm ready to drop when I catch a faint glint in the distance."

scene bg lanternnight
with fade
"Am I hallucinating? Has my body decomposed this much already?"
"The orange glow is enticing me to crawl further."
"I trudge closer, feeling my brother's breath becoming more ragged beside me with every step."
"This will have to do for tonight."
"We make it to the orange glow-- a lantern hanging outside the door of a farm."
t tired "\"See, I told you we'd find something...\" I mumble."
"That is the last thing I say before I succumb to the exhaustion."

scene bg bed
with fade
t "\"Ugh...where am I?\""
t "I look down. My body is enclosed in bedsheets...I don't recall anything after blacking out last night."
t "Is this someone's home? It's warm...where's Theodore?"
t shock "I panic. He can't be far--oh. He's across the room from me, in his own bed."
t "I watch his body breathe from under his blankets."
t tired "Sigh. Thank goodness. We're both safe...for now."

t "...But who brought us here? Did Theo carry me somewhere...?"
t "No, there's no way. He was as leaden as I was. He most likely succumbed to sleep after I did, as well."
t "I must get out of this bed and find a weapon. Something, anything--whoever brought us here may not be a friend."
t "Aha. I spot a sickle hanging from the doorway. I'll take it and slowly make my way into the next room."
scene bg kitchen
with fade
t "The second I step into what seems to be the common room, the stench of hay and manure invades my senses. I plug my nose."
t "Am I in a farm? Or a poorly-kept house?"
t sad "\"This is horrid.\""

show farmer
f "\"Oh, you've woken. Did you sleep well?\""

t "...I don't know this man. He seems to be middle-aged and on the weaker side, but that means nothing when it comes to thieves and kidnappers. He could have men working with him."
t "I clutch onto the sickle harder."

show farmer happy

f "\"Haha, are ya still asleep?\""

t "\"...\" My mind is too slow to respond."
show farmer surprise
f "\"...Oh dear, I hope ya didn't hit your head last night...when I found ya outside my door, both of ya were already collapsed in a heap on top of each other.\""
f "\"Do ya, uh, remember who ya are?\""

t "I slowly nod."

show farmer happy
f "Oh, wonderful! Ya had me worried. Come, have a seat."

show farmer

t "He pats the seat across from him on the breakfast table. I notice a plate of bread and butter on it, along with a water pitcher."
t "He seems kind enough so far...but how can I trust him not to poison me?"
t "I dispose of the thought. He would have had his chance while I was sleeping. Perhaps he can be trusted...for now."
t "\"Is this...may I?\""

t "I haven't had real food in about a day or two. My mouth waters."

show farmer happy
f "Of course! Eat up. I seldom have company over, so it was kind of nice to have people literally drop on my doorstep, ya know?"

t "He chuckles mildly. I assume he is trying to make me feel at ease."
t "I drop my guard a bit."

t sad "\"It was upon your doorstep that my brother and I collapsed?\""
"I curtsy."
t "\"I apologize for the trouble we may have caused you.\""

show farmer

f "\"Heh, there's no need for formalities. I appreciate the company.\""

show farmer sad
f "\"It's been lonely here since my wife passed.\""

t sad "I feel somewhat guilty for being so apprehensive. I glance at the sickle still beside me on the table."

t "\"I'm sorry to hear this. I shall make sure to return the favor.\""

show farmer happy

f "\"Don't worry about it!\""

show farmer surprise

f "\"Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Harvey.\""

show farmer

t "I prevent myself from curtsying out of habit."

t "\"I am Tab--\""
t sad "I hesitate. Should I tell him my name? Or make something up on the spot? I'm still not sure whether he is trustworthy."

$ name = "tabby"
t "\"Tabby. My name is Tabby. The boy with me is my cousin, Teddy.\""
"I feel somewhat guilty for lying, but I just can't be too careful."

$ name = "tabatha"
t "\"Tabatha. The boy with me is my twin, Theodore. Pleased to meet your acquaintance.\""
"I'm most likely a fool for deciding to tell the truth after all. Who knows if this will be a deciding factor in my death."

show farmer happy
t "I hold my breath, waiting for his response."

h "\"It's nice to meet ya too.\""

if name == "tabby":
"After that, the conversation dwindles until Theo wakes up. Theo grabs a piece of bread and makes more small talk."
"A couple of hours later we thank the kind farmer and tell him we must be on our way."

scene bg forest
with fade
show theosad
tt "\"Do you think it was a good idea to leave?\""
t sad "\"I don't know. I know we have nowhere to go...but how can we just impose on someone like that?\""

show theo
tt "\"Yeah, I guess you're right. We'll figure something out.\""

"I wish I could be as optimistic as he is. That was the first shelter we'd come across for miles."
t "\"You know, maybe we should go back. Perhaps we could trade work for shelter?\""
tt "\"Ha, you don't trust us to make it on our own? Where's your sense of adventure?\""
t "\"Comical. It's just a feeling I have...we should go back.\""
tt "\"Alright. Which way did we come from?\""
"I gaze back at the thick forest. The fog isn't helping me see any pathways."
t sad "\"Um...let's just head back in a straight direction.\""

"We continue walking for another hour, but nothing seems familiar. I begin to feel panic in my chest."
t tired "Everything has been so difficult since Mother and Father passed. I just don't understand what happened. One minute, we were all fine, and then..."
"Deep in my thoughts, I'm unaware of my surroundings. I barely hear Theo tell me to watch out when my foot snags on a branch."
"I brace myself for the impact of the cold moss, only to find myself falling through air."
t shock "I scream. The fog had completely masked the cliff we were both headed toward."

"I close my eyes and breathe despite the rapid wind making it difficult."
"Oh, well. If one of us had to die, I'm glad the universe chose my life rather than Theo's. He holds more promise in his optimistic pinky than I do in my cynical body."
"I can hear him screaming my name."

"I laugh."
t sad "\"Theo! Don't be sad...\" I try to say. There's no way he can hear me. \"Promise me you'll be great!\""
t tired "That's the last thing I manage before I succumb to the darkness once again."

if name == "tabatha":
"After that, he begins chatting and asking questions about Theo and I. It isn't an interrogation, but my nerves are on edge."
"Still, there's an air of ease around him that makes me respond truthfully. Some time later, Theo wakes and joins us in the conversation."

# This ends the game.

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Re: Characters Not Displaying Emotions I Input

#2 Post by VorrAkkagi » Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:23 pm

It looks like you are showing one image over the top of another. You need to hide the previous image...

Code: Select all

define farmerhappy = "farmerhappy.png"
define farmersad = "farmersad.png"

f "smiles happily..."
show farmerhappy
f "frowns sadly"
hide farmerhappy
show farmersad
Is this what you are trying to do?

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Re: Characters Not Displaying Emotions I Input

#3 Post by otomewaifu » Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:20 am

Yes I tried that, but even then it doesn't always work. Plus it seems really tedious. Is that really the only way to change expressions? It seems kind of difficult to keep track of...

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Re: Characters Not Displaying Emotions I Input

#4 Post by timepatches » Mon Dec 24, 2018 9:13 am

Usually you'd name the image with name and emotion separately - if you called the sprite "farmer smile" instead of it all being one word, Renpy should be able to tell that "farmer smile" and "farmer sad" are the same character, and it'll replace the first one with the second.
(Basically Renpy only allows one image it tags as called "farmer" on screen at once, to prevent exactly this issue ^^)
Read this part of the documentation, it should help you (look under concepts)

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Re: Characters Not Displaying Emotions I Input

#5 Post by otomewaifu » Tue Dec 25, 2018 1:16 pm

Oh so I should be putting a space? I'll try that as soon as I get on my computer. Thank you so much 💜

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