Choosing characters at the start of the game

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Choosing characters at the start of the game

#1 Post by MisterHarold » Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:13 am

I would like a game that will let you choose your character at the beginning. For example, a male and a female, each assigned with their own character sprites. How will I do that?

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Re: Choosing characters at the start of the game

#2 Post by Nagibator » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:07 am

Well, there are definitely multiple ways of doing that. But if I had to, I would start by making a character with a name that is based off of a variable and an image.

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define p = Character("[player]", image = "playerImage")
default player = "Example"
You'll then want to predefine the image "playerImage" with another variable.

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default gender = ""

image side playerImage = "[gender]"
After that, you can set up a menu either using the "menu:" option or through screens. I used a simple menu that changes the name and the image's file destination depending on which option you chose.

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		$ player = "Tom"
		$ gender = "player/male.png"
		$ player = "Eileen"
		$ gender = "player/female.png"
I wouldn't doubt that there's a more efficient way of doing it, but that's the first thought that came to my head.

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