So what's changed in Ren'py? Good beginner guide?

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So what's changed in Ren'py? Good beginner guide?

#1 Post by SuperbowserX » Sat Apr 06, 2019 1:40 pm

Hi everyone!

If you've been around the forum for a while, you may remember me. I've developed fun little side projects in Ren'py in the past.

I was in the mood for it so I decided to try to make a simple project with the software. However, since I last used Ren'py (September), I have honestly forgotten quite a bit about it but I have also grown as a programmer/CS student.

So I was just wondering:

1) What's changed in Ren'py? Have there been any major overhauling features to the language in the past two years or so? (A bit over 2 years ago is when I first learned the language, and most of my work since then was based off of that code.)

2) What's a good beginner's guide to learn Ren'py and get a hang of it again, and also a good place to learn best programming practices for Ren'py in general? I don't want to just base my new code off of my old scripts ahaha.


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