Paused problem

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Paused problem

#1 Post by FurFles- » Sat Apr 27, 2019 1:36 pm

I'm making a system where the player can not advance during a dubbed phrase (I'm using a song as an example)

When the music starts the game usually pauses more if the player clicks on the screen the game advances for the last time (until the pause is over) and it is in black screen

How do I make a text appear on the screen during this time?

This is the code:

Code: Select all

label start:

    "I'll show you a song"

    play music "CorduroyDreams.mp3"
    "Coduroy Dreams"
    $ renpy.pause(205, hard="true")



And here the prints of what happens and also a video on YouTube:

Are you seeing? How do I keep "Corduroy Dreams" on the screen without the player being able to move?

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Re: Paused problem

#2 Post by nature1996 » Mon May 06, 2019 1:04 pm

First thing first, unskipable cutscene are the bane of repeat player. You might want to consider to force stop skipping right before starting it, but keeping the player from doing anything... Basically, just make sure it is needed to see it every time. There is probably a way to disable clicking for the duration, but that's not ideal either (no save/ no load/ no quit)

Barring that, what kind of text? You might want to consider playing a video with the animation if you want something dynamic. Also, you could consider using timer and pause to time the interaction with the song.

If it is only about keeping one line on screen, then you could turn it into a displayable (screen and such)

Lastly, you could add "{nw}" at the end of the line before the pause, making it go to the next automatically. If I'm right, it will pause then show the next line directly.
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