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Button on Hover Randomly Gets Thinner Borders

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 2:35 am
by Windchimes

So I just ran into a really weird problem with buttons. For some reason, when I hover over the button, it makes the left border of the border randomly get thinner. Here's a gif demonstrating the problem:

I have indeed double checked to make sure the idle and hover images have the exact same width of borders. It shouldn't be a problem with my images, and in fact, it seems to happen randomly, because I copy and pasted the exact same button code to the left side of my screen under an identical vbox (just with a different ypos), but the problem doesn't occur on the left side of the page:

The code for my button isn't anything special:

Code: Select all

            at music_button_transform  # just a simple transform that's like on idle: alpha 0.7 on hover: alpha 1.0
            xsize 347
            ysize 135
            insensitive_background "gui/music/locked_music_box.png"
            idle_background "gui/music/unlocked_music_box_idle.png"
            hover_background "gui/music/unlocked_music_box_hover.png"
            focus_mask True
            action mr.Play(<music track file path>)
I'm very confused. Would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!