[Unsolved] Preserving window show/hide with pause?

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[Unsolved] Preserving window show/hide with pause?

#1 Post by auger » Fri May 31, 2019 12:50 pm

All righty, I think I've got another one for you all.

So earlier, I tried to combine nvl clear & window transitions. This turned out to be mostly unnecessary due to how the new autoshow/hide formula works. Thanks a billion for that, Py'Tom. :mrgreen: Even though that works great - with a few tweaks here and there for specific scenes - I've got a similar question.

Let's say I want to have my novel mode text transition(dissolve) whenever I go from a nvl speaker to a say speaker, or vice versa.
Similarly, whenever I use $ renpy.pause OR a pre-defined pause command, let's say 'nvlpause', I want to keep the window on-screen.
I know these should both be possible; here's what I figure I'm doing wrong.

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mercnvl "Then again, at least I wouldn't feel all the bruises! Haha!"
nvl clear
$ renpy.pause(1.5) #this is where it just instantly eliminates the nvl window with no dissolve/transition
#I've tried including 'pause' in config.window_auto_hide but I don't think that's it.
mercnvl "Not yet. I've still got a long way to climb, and if I give up now I'll be breaking my promise."
#The above text instantly transitions back to the nvl block.
As to keeping nvl window visible, I imagine I have to have:

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Preference("show empty window", "show")
but define a transition that includes both show/hide window and pause as functions.
What do you think, is that the right track or can I make it simpler?
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