Zoom, alpha mask side image

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Zoom, alpha mask side image

#1 Post by trajano » Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:15 am

I am trying to see if I can avoid making another image for the SideImage() This bit of code works with the default "side" image implementation which shows the face.

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image side natalie:
    "natalie full.png"
    crop(167, 332, 500, 500)
    zoom 0.5
Right now I'm trying to do something like https://cdn1-www.playstationlifestyle.n ... 55x315.jpg so that it shows just the eyes.

The way I did it was

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add AlphaMask(SideImage(), "screens/ui/say-mask.png", xalign=1.0) maxsize (360, 155) alpha 0.4
and I took out

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zoom 0.5
so it all fits nicely. https://pasteboard.co/InAQi24.png

However, when the zoom is set on the image, the image goes a bit out of whack, like it only shows the top half

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Re: Zoom, alpha mask side image

#2 Post by M-77 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:10 am

Hello trajano, not sure if i can help you with this. Just try to change some of the coordinates, like "crop". or "xalign", "maxsize" etc. Maybe "zoom" too (to, bigger, 1.0)?
Change just one thing, then restart to try out. This way you can easier track down what change happens. Then try with the other position stuff. Renpy can be told to use pixel position and the Renpy own coordinates, you know. You can also do "ypos"+"xpos" as variables to define a position an image has to show up.

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Re: Zoom, alpha mask side image

#3 Post by Remix » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:44 am

As M-77 says, take it in steps to find what part is glitching (I've a suspicion that it is the maxsize (360, 155) (which applies another zoom btw)... Is 360 wide by 155 tall the proper max size?)

Basically, (maybe on a non side image first) just check the crop works, then check the zoom works then add the AlphaMask with no styling and finally add in the styling...
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