Problem w/ Forced Autosave

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Problem w/ Forced Autosave

#1 Post by AFriendCalled5 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 5:03 am


So I'd like to disable manual saving and have my game autosave at specific intervals -- i.e. at the start of every in-game "day". I've successfully removed the Save button from the Main/Game Menus, but for some reason my autosave isn't working. The code I'm using goes like this:

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$ renpy.take_screenshot(scale=None, background=False)
$ save_name = "\nDay 1"
But when I check that the file has saved in the load menu, there's nothing there -- either under Autosaves or in the separate file pages (1,2,3 etc.). The weird thing is that, when I check the saves directory, it seems like the save file is created, but the game can't "see" it. Any idea what's happening here? Help much appreciated.

Edit: Should also point out I've tried setting define config.has_autosave to True and False and, aside from removing the Autosave page from the load menu, it doesn't seem to make a difference.


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