renpy+data base?

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renpy+data base?

#1 Post by nautilus_nc » Fri Nov 15, 2019 5:51 pm

I was talking to a friend of mine who was excluding me some doubts about storing data in a database for use within a project of mine.

the premise is that the game has elements of a normal visual novel (stories with choices), as well as a Q&A system among other things that can be summed up to quick romantic moments in X scenario,

Regarding the database part, I kind of wanted to know if it is possible, or very unstable (dangerous) to implement using a possible login, my friend commented on sessions that have duration (besides allowing only one person to access that "pass"), the idea is because the game possibly has a paid coin, and characters that could only be accessed if a purchase was made for example.

At first I was thinking of patching to try to prevent possible pirates, but unfortunately renpy is still easily accessible and modifiable with un.rpy for example, so after removing the paid currency, he came up with this idea. .

I do not migrate to Unity because I do not know how to program there, besides not having money initially because the funds of the game would come by patreon

I'm just asking if it's possible because I've seen it happen in a playstore game, but as unfortunately it doesn't accept +18 games with really explicit sex, I have to stick with a possible apk even beyond the pc version.

if it is unstable, which is not very good to use I will end up making patron versions with everything as separate as possible, and in the final separate version as DLC items (why using a paid currency would be perfect for other features besides premium characters as usable items in a minigame foreplay (or Keyhole feature)

Patches are not so preferable because of piracy if the game gets some fame, besides the work of fixing and deleting everything because they would have many updates.

Finally, forgive me the bad English, besides the Bible, I speak too much and fumble trying to explain.

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