Weirdness with LayeredImage when at less than 1.0 opacity

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Weirdness with LayeredImage when at less than 1.0 opacity

#1 Post by BunnyInfernal » Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:48 pm

I'm coming across some unexpected behavior with LayeredImage that I'm not sure how to handle. I want to be able to use a Layered Image at varying opacity levels (this is basically being used to apply a tan effect on a customizable character).

The problem I'm running into, is that the different layers aren't showing up at the same opacity.

Here's a quick sample. The LayeredImage itself:

Code: Select all

layeredimage mirror_face_1_tan makeup:
    if pc_lip_size_class == 3:
    elif pc_lip_size_class == 2:

    ## Tan Makeup
    if pc_makeup and pc_lip_size_class == 3:
    elif pc_makeup and pc_lip_size_class == 2:
    elif pc_makeup:
This is the code displaying the image, and switching the variable that calls for a different layer.

Code: Select all

$ pc_makeup = False

    show mirror_face_1_tan makeup at wincenter2:
        alpha 0.5
    with dissolve

    "Click to add make-up."

    $ pc_makeup = True

I've gotten the same outcome even if I hide the image and show it again. The layers don't share the same opacity level. Samples of the display before changing the pc_makeup variable and after:


Anyone know why this is happening and how I can get the behavior I want out of this? Thanks!

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Re: Weirdness with LayeredImage when at less than 1.0 opacity

#2 Post by Hiddenwall » Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:52 pm

I've had this same issue recently as well and had to scrap it because of this very same issue. I never tested this method out but I wonder if you put it as an init -1 if that might change anything. Though I know next to nothing about programming.

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