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Can't get Dialogue Box to appear on screen. {Solved}

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 9:53 pm
by Ibitz
So, I'll post what I have code-wise and hopefully you guys can help me come to a conclusion.

This is in my Options:

Code: Select all

    style.window.background = Frame("textbox.png",2,2)
    style.say_who_window.background = Frame("namebox.png",1,1)

    ## Margin is space surrounding the window, where the background
    ## is not drawn.

    style.window.left_margin = 226
    style.window.right_margin = 1078
    style.window.top_margin = 884
    style.window.bottom_margin = 70
    style.say_who_window.left_margin = 40
    style.say_who_window.right_margin = -35
    style.say_who_window.top_margin = 45    
    style.say_who_window.bottom_margin = 0

    ## Padding is space inside the window, where the background is
    ## drawn.

    style.window.left_padding = 65
    style.window.right_padding = 50
    style.window.top_padding = 45
    style.window.bottom_padding = 15
    style.say_who_window.left_padding = 30
    style.say_who_window.right_padding = 0
    style.say_who_window.top_padding = 10
    style.say_who_window.bottom_padding = 10

    ## This is the minimum height of the window, including the margins
    ## and padding.

    style.window.yminimum = 160
I have the basic beginning code in my screens for the SayWho/What windows, so I won't bother posting those.
Long story short, I started editing this because for some reason the new update threw my dialogue box up into
the top left of the screen and nothing I did could get it to return to the center and bottom like before. My game
size is 800x600 if that helps at all. I just can't figure out what to do. Any and all help or tips is appreciated!

Re: Can't get Dialogue Box to appear on screen.

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:49 pm
by Donmai
Take a look at the screen say(who, what) section in screens.rpy. Check the xalign and yalign values. The yalign value is defined in gui.rpy (yes, styles in the new GUI are a mess). Generally the yalign value is defined this way:

Code: Select all

define gui.textbox_yalign = 0.99
The xalign value is generally 0.5
Your dialogue box is probably appearing offscreen for some reason.

Personally, I believe the days of 800x600 games are gone. They will appear too small in a modern monitor screen.

Re: Can't get Dialogue Box to appear on screen.

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 12:24 am
by Ibitz
Thank you for your help! With this new update, I didn't realize that yalign would even show up under the gui as style. I finally fixed it, so I appreciate your input!

In terms of the 800x600, I'm working with a screen that has a resolution of 2560X1440, so my game has been able to fit modern and old monitors pretty decently. It's more of a style choice than anything. I like the black bar border around the edges so people can put up little cheat sheets like my walkthrough or whatnot, in the sides as well. Plus, this was a game I created a few years back during physical therapy from back to back arm surgeries and I have plenty of modern ideas/games I want to make, but I put so much effort into this old game that I want to finish it before moving on to something new. What's the usual resolution people are using for VNs? I've never really seen a good start. I mostly chose 800X600 (originally) due to it being a decent resolution that any computer could run.

Re: Can't get Dialogue Box to appear on screen.

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 2:58 am
by isobellesophia
1280x700 are most used for the developers, 1920x1080 is common sometimes, depending on their planning screens and textboxes. If the computer resolution is too big or small, it is recommend to fit the game screen to the computer resolution itself, (i currently use 1920x1080 because that is what i expected to plan sooner.)