Multiple windows in a game, like Nintendo DS?

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Multiple windows in a game, like Nintendo DS?

#1 Post by WoLoLoiK » Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:50 pm

It's an idea that I've had for a while.

Is it possible to make a game with more than one window in Ren'Py? Like, is it possible to have a game where these multiple windows affect each other at the same time?

Say, a game where you work for the NSA. One window could show the "target" as they go on with their lives, talking to people and that kinda stuff. Another window would be where you get to play "hacking" minigames that would occasionally pop-up as the story progresses, and without which you would be unable to progress.

Is such an idea possible in Renpy?

The ideal scenario would be that there would be two executables that would open a window each; "camera", and "hacktool". But if that isn't possible, I've heard about child windows and how they can be "dragged" outside the main game window; if so, how would you go about doing it?

I only know enough about programming to make a choice-based game with splashscreens and stuff, so do go easy on me hahaha

Thank you for our time!

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Re: Multiple windows in a game, like Nintendo DS?

#2 Post by isobellesophia » Sat Feb 15, 2020 9:42 pm

I dont think that can be possible at all, yes, RenPy can run windows at twice, but i think it can be done through pythons and persistent or variables, it can be hard though
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Re: Multiple windows in a game, like Nintendo DS?

#3 Post by Imperf3kt » Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:11 am

Ren'Py can run other applications via python - it can be forced to start another program, for example, another ren'py game.

I don't know if you can make the two interact, but you could probably fudge something together using multi persistent data and affect both via save files.

I cannot, however, envisage how this feature would be useful on any device with less than two screens.
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Re: Multiple windows in a game, like Nintendo DS?

#4 Post by Andredron » Sun Feb 16, 2020 2:44 am

I know, I'm writing terribly in English.

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Re: Multiple windows in a game, like Nintendo DS?

#5 Post by gas » Sun Feb 16, 2020 7:03 pm

Not exactly like NDS (those games are a single app that send data to screen 1 or screen 2, with a proper hardware, some PC could struggle to run two renpy instances at once!).
Anyway, you can always split the single game window in two, by savvy use of screens (or use in-game pop-ups for multi-level experiences). I think is the more logical and faster way to obtain such behaviour.
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