Renpy replay not using variables

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Renpy replay not using variables

#1 Post by matrixglasses69 » Tue Mar 17, 2020 6:52 am

hi everyone!

is there a way to keep variables during renpy replay? replaying a scene with multiple paths is causing us issues. all the variables seem to reset in replay

and another question. Is there a command for "if in replay: jump newlabel" and such?? Basiclly "if in replay: do this or that"

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Re: Renpy replay not using variables

#2 Post by RicharDann » Tue Mar 17, 2020 1:01 pm

This is the first time I actually try out this code so this may not be the perfect solution, but according to the documentation here, you have to pass each variable and value pair as a dictionary, using the 'scope' keyword argument, either with the Replay() action or with renpy.call_replay() function, so Ren'Py can set the values before launching the replay.

For the second question, there's a built in _in_replay variable that can be used to check if you're in replay mode or not.

A quick example:

Code: Select all

default a_number = 0
default a_string = ""

screen replay_gallery():
    textbutton _("Scene 01") action Replay("scene_01", scope={"a_number":100, "a_string":"Hello"})

Code: Select all

label scene_01:

    if _in_replay:
        "This scene is being replayed."
    "Let's test an int variable: [a_number]"
    "Let's test with a string: [a_string]"
    $ renpy.end_replay()    
I don't have time to do some more testing but hopefully this is a start.
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