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button sounds broken? [solved]

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2020 4:29 pm
by Scribbles
Converted files to .ogg and they work now -_-

I can not get sounds to play on buttons no matter what I try. I have tested the files, turned my volume to 100, and tried several different code things and nothing works???

I've tried:

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textbutton "TEST" action Play("sound", "audio/sfx/start.wav") ## not even this works???
I've also tried:

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textbutton "TEST" action [Play("sound", "audio/sfx/start.wav"), Notify("hi")] 

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style main_menu_button:
    activate_sound "audio/sfx/start.wav"
    hover_sound "audio/sfx/start.wav"

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imagebutton auto "gui/main_menu/gallery_%s.png" focus_mask True action ShowMenu('gallery') activate_sound "audio/sfx/start.wav" hover_sound "audio/sfx/start.wav" alt "extras menu"

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define config.has_sound = True
define config.has_music = True
define config.has_voice = True
Sound, Voice, and music are all set to True.

Sound, voice, and music plays just fine normally inside the game. I have all three in the game and they all play fine. But not when I try to attach it to a button??

I've tried them in my imagebuttons, I made a textbutton to test. Renpy is up to date, I can't think of anything else????

Are button sounds broken for some reason? Or is there a new way to get the sounds to play that I don't know about or can't find?[/s]