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Basic ATL help for Contains Function

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 1:56 am
by Sayumi101
So I'm trying to get this effect going (Look at the character sprite)
Please note that I'm a coding noob and I rely very heavily on tutorials to make things work.

This might not be the best way to handle the situation, but this is the code that I'm using. It works well enough but I have two fundamental problems.

Code: Select all

image dizzyy:
          "rayne/rayne.png" ,
          im.matrix.colorize("#f00", "#00f"))
          easein 0.1 zoom 1.03
          easeout 0.1 zoom 1.0
             easein 0.3 zoom 1.03 alpha 0.6
             easeout 0.3 zoom 1.0 alpha 1.0
          "rayne/rayne.png" ,
          im.matrix.colorize("#0d2", "#02e"))
          easein 0.05 zoom 1.02
          easeout 0.05 zoom 1.0
          block : 
             easein 0.4 zoom 1.02 alpha 1.0
             easeout 0.4 zoom 1.0 alpha 0.5
        contains :
          alpha 0.2
          easein 0.2 alpha 1.0

Ze two problems
  • I want to potentially send a layered image as a function to the im.Matrix,Color . Right now, if I do it without specifying an image path it returns me an error saying the displayable is not defined.
  • This image always appears in the same location. Even when I define "show dizzyy at right" it displays at the same place. Is there any way to overcome this?
Or alternately:
  • Would it be easier if I did the image color transforms in photoshop rather than in renpy itself?
  • Is this an unnecessarily heavy code structure.
Any and all help appreciated!

Re: Basic ATL help for Contains Function

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 2:36 am
by namastaii
I would do the color transforms on the image itself if it makes no difference.
What is the exact effect you're going for? I think what the video shows is an animation of a photo moving over to the left in the background (on a loop) and then another layer (with transparent windows) bumping up and down as it's own animation image on top.

*update* ohhhh are you talking about the character? hahah I just realized the effect on the sprite

My best guess is there is a matrix change on the main character as it transitions in. (I could be wrong) and the layers under are just semi transparent colored outline/shadows of the character behind him that are animated to move and all of that is in a live composite or layered image that combine those animations. If you look into all you can do with animations then you can probably mess around until you get something you're satisfied with. Sorry I know this wasn't super helpful but haha I work with a lot of animations now but I haven't really experimented with something close to that really. Not yet anyway.