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[SOLVED] Slow text skipping problem on screens

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 8:19 am
by RicharDann
I'm trying to create a custom dialogue screen for use with certain specific characters, without replacing the default say screen.

Among other things, I want the text in my screen to be displayed according to the user's text speed preference settings,
and I also need for the screen to be dismissed when the player clicks or hits Enter or Space, basically the same
way the default say screen works.

So with that in mind, I wrote code that looks like this (simplified):

Code: Select all

screen new_say(who, what):
    text what:
        size gui.text_size
        slow_cps True 
        slow_abortable True
The problem is that when I add a key statement to dismiss the screen when it's clicked, it doesn't wait for slow text to be finished. When I press the key, the screen is hidden but if slow text was still being displayed, it is just canceled without giving time to read it.

EDIT: I found in another post that slow_abortable is deprecated and only kept for compatibility for old projects, so it seems I was approaching this the wrong way. I think I'll just stick to the default say and figure out some other way to achieve what I want.