Problems with android dist (7.4.4)

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Problems with android dist (7.4.4)

#1 Post by Wiceramond » Sat Apr 24, 2021 9:06 am

I created my project on 7.3.5 and wasn't having any issues with android or pc. Switching to the 7.4.4 felt so good with performance etc. Pc version is super fine, I've made a few changes. But when I build a dist for android with 7.4.4 game crashes in bluestacks, status bar disappear sometimes, it just doesn't work. Also, when I first install the game, it works(still status bar issues etc.) but when I try to run it again it doesn't. The 7.3.5 dist is working just fine without causing any troubles on the same bluestacks system. Is this because of just bluestacks? How do I fix this?

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