Changing between multiple character dialogue to single

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Changing between multiple character dialogue to single

#1 Post by Law. » Sat May 08, 2021 12:43 pm

I'm running into an issue where I cannot swap (multiple=4) or (multiple=5) to a null value when an option to change mode is selected. (From ADV to NVL and vice versa.)

For example:
"I love reading novels." (multiple=3)
"Why?" (multiple=3)
"Because escapism helps me cope." (multiple=3)

This code would display perfectly in nvl mode, since all the lines will display simultaneously. BUT, I have a NVL-to-ADV switch in my game, so this would look terrible in adv mode. In adv mode, this code would make the lines display with their own text boxes, and then have them overlap. For ADV mode, I want these lines to come through one by one, as normal. My main mistake is probably misinterpreting what multiple character dialogue is to begin with.

I've tried:
  • Using $ (multiple=4) = pass, which I'm almost certain doesn't work because of the first "=".
  • Defining multiple=4 and pass as other values (i.e. multiple=4 = lnvl4, & pass = nullskip) and swapping them ($ lnvl4 = nullskip), This gives me the error
    Type Error: ___call_() got multiple values for keyword argument 'interact'.
The main thing that I want is that in nvl mode the dialogue shows up like a page from a book.

I COULD use auto-forward for this but then the issue would be how to add a pause and click-to-continue with auto-forward. Which already defeats the purpose of using auto-forward.
If there's an alternative method to show multiple lines of character dialogue and narration simultaneously in nvl mode, that I can swap with the general method of display in adv mode, I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me how.

I didn't really start coding anything beyond beginner things until this year, so I'm not even confident I know what I'm doing. I apologize if this is a stupid question.

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