Watch out Kyoto, here I come

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Watch out Kyoto, here I come

#1 Post by Taavimon » Sat Jul 01, 2006 10:29 am

I've finally received confirmation from Ryukoku University that I've been accepted as an exchange student starting this September. I'll be attending their Japanese Culture and Language Program. The teaching will be almost entirely in Japanese, so I expect I'll have some difficulties at first even though I've taken two years of Japanese at my home university. The courses look like they were designed for my interests, they even have a special lecture series on go!

Now to justify choosing this part of the forum: I know this is unlikely, but is anybody else here going there too? They do take a lot of exchange students, so I though I'd ask.

And before somebody asks... yes, this means my games will be pushed back even further. I had hoped to finish Dryad during summer, but a Finnish publisher is holding a contest for manga-inspired comics which I plan to enter with a friend of mine, so I'll have to work on the script for that while brushing up my Japanese.


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