I guess I'll go first! ^_^

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Re: I guess I'll go first! ^_^

#46 Post by honoreixix » Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:00 am

Hi everyone...ummm...

I'm 17, although no one here at home gives a damn...
Male, Filipino-Chinese, about 5'7"

my hobby is writing stuff, listening to japanese music, trying to learn japanese, making music videos...

i also like playing visual novels a lot, what got me hooked up was Tsukihime...

Occupation: College student but i'm a bum at studies

Friends: I've got a few because we have same hobbies but i don't really have someone very close to me...

Girlfriend: I don'n think i'll have one at any time soon... I really don't care much about looks, call me corny but I'd like a girl that's smart and kind and at least has the same hobbies as i do or likes what i do or what i am...

Country: Philippines...where anime sources are hard to find...

I'm usually working in the background because i had been that way ever since...i have a kind of inferiority complex but i'm getting over it...

you can talk to me with almost anything (although keep low on the technical stuff, my brain might explode), i'll just try to keep up... :wink:
I'm hidden and no one expects much of me... I just hope I don't disappoint anyone...
I'd rather fail doing something I love than succeed doing something I hate...

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Re: I guess I'll go first! ^_^

#47 Post by renkenjutsu » Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:27 pm

I didn't know this thread existed! Well, here goes:

Age: 26
Occupation: University Tutor / Masters by research Student

Hobbies? I'm into a lot of things ^-^;;; Namely writing, scale model making, model, miniature and toy modding, electric guitar modding and playing, watching anime (though not so much now, I'm only watching Macross Frontier atm), drawing, currently making a game, pen and paper rpg's, Legend of the Five Rings (I play Crane) and I guess that's the tip of the ice berg. I normally get into a new hobby on a whim so I'm unpredictable that way.

What drew me into this forum originated from playing Fate/Stay Night. I previously thought all VN's were hentais xD. After playing Fate I went "Whoa!" Obviously there's more to it :) Then it got me into Blade Engine and finally found Ren'Py by mistake.

Favourite anime? Rurouni Kenshin. The first anime that got me hooked is still the best. Though the entire Macross series got me hooked too. (Macross Frontier.... drool....)

Favourite game? Urrmmm.... Fallout 2!!!!! (I'm an old school gamer when graphic cards were alien and new)

Favourite VN? Fate/Stay Night.

Race? Country? Malay from Malaysia :) We get anime easily enough, though not proper U.S. licensed company ones. I'm guessing we get a lot from Hong Kong. Oh the internet here sucks btw >.>

What else? I dunno xD I guess anyone can talk to me to find out more. I'm open :3 I'm always on MSN ( kinda, if my supervisor's not around xD ) it's my username at messengeruser dot com so chat away! :3
Currently working on:
Kensai : On hold till Masters is done. Grrrrr...


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