[SOLVED]BG artist for Elements: The Academy needed!

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[SOLVED]BG artist for Elements: The Academy needed!

#1 Post by Veniae » Sun Apr 06, 2014 12:24 pm

Edit 4/22: We solved our problem, so we're no longer recruiting.

Hi guys!

Sadly, we must say that the wonderful Nickel-Buckle-9, who's been so kind to work on Elements: The Academy for us, can't do so anymore. It's a pity, but we understand, and we're grateful she stuck around for so long.

However, this leaves us in want of a BG artist. There are a lot of BGs to be done and to be honest, we are already quite overwhelmed. That's why we need to ask you for help again.

We're looking for someone who can either mimic Nickel's style of photo manipulation (she says she did most of the BGs with the "cutout" filter on photoshop, and then added things in with a paintbrush tool) or is willing to redo everything from scratch in their own style. It's about 50 BGs tops, of which 22 are already done.

Oh, and unfortunately we can't offer you any money in return. :(

However, if you like E:TA and want to help make it come true, we would be forever thankful. If you think you'll have the time and energy to work with us on this project, please step forward.

Thank you!
The MSP team

Edit: If you want to know what you'd be getting yourself in, and what we've accomplished in this project so far, check this out. Cheers!

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