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Free Writer-For-Hire/Proofreader

#1 Post by luvl12 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:15 am

Hello! My name is Parker or Luv, which ever you prefer, and I am a young writer who is aching to write something. I'm up for writing just about anything except Hentai/Ecchi, or something with a lot of cursing. Other than that, I am at your disposal. I request that you have some form of idea where you wish your story to go, as I do not want to interpret your story wrong if it is vague. As for hours I can write, during the week it is from 8pm-12pm and on weekends from 1pm-11pm. These are subject to change due to summer and exams coming. As for proofreading I can do this almost any time however, I would like to point out I use the America English version. Such as color and favor instead of colour and favour. You can contact me via email at or skype at luvl12

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