FAE Simulator [VN][Fantasy|Supernatural|Romance][2/13/17]

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FAE Simulator [VN][Fantasy|Supernatural|Romance][2/13/17]

#1 Post by Pikachewy99 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:52 pm

+゚*。:゚FAE Simulator *。:゚+
Artwork by Eastern-Katt
Introduction (About Myself (っゝu・)っ~ and this project)
Can't handle text walls? I'm so sorry. orz
Hello there! My name is Chewy (Chu, for short). I'm an artist, writer, coder… I dabble a little bit in everything (though the phrase jack of all trades, master of none really applies here when I look at some of the stuff this community has produced ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ I can't even compare!). I've been lurking around this forum ever since I've joined a couple days ago, browsing art threads, WIPs, the cookbook, etc, but have never really found a way to jump in. Or rather, I've been to afraid to jump in. Mostly because this community is filled with very talented people of all kinds, and in comparison I'm just someone who's new to all this. But I figured I shouldn't let that stop me, so today, I'm going to share my project with you guys! (I figured it'd be the best way to get involved here, and I figured I ought to post here rather than the super fancy and intimidating main WIP thread)

So, seeing as I got Ren'py recently, this is my first project (Exciting, right?). It's set in the world of FAE, which is this Roleplay group I am currently a part of. Originally it was just a small, dumb little game involving my characters in the said group (I just wanted to mess around with Ren'py), but as I continued to work on it, I found that I was having a lot of fun playing with the program, and kept adding onto it. Eventually, I showed the other people in my group what they were doing, they wanted to have their characters included too, and now it's a lot bigger of a project than I thought it would be. Right now I'm unsure of how long it'll take to make this, since as I go on I keep getting new ideas, but I'll put this here and see how far I can go. (Because I'm crazy and I'm coding as I draft! Which will 99% guarantees that everything won't be as cohesive as it could be xD)

Despite that, I've still been having a really fun time making the game, and browsing here to see what I can learn to make it even better. That being said, this project is far from being professional, and is completely free and a product of my love for this group. I figured the best way to start is the share my excitement and journey with you guys, and I hope that some of you will find entertainment in my endeavors. (ღˇwˇ)。o

Thank you, to my friends for supporting and joining me in creating this, and thank you for taking the time to visit this thread and read this text wall. I really, truly appreciate it. This humble project of mine is no grand tale, but I sure as heck am putting all the love I can into making this. (I hope you don't mind my humor/author's notes below.)

The Story
(R = I dunno yet, sorry!! Σ(゚Д゚;) But this game will definitely be SFW!)
It's been a long day. You are Alex, just an everyday person returning from the everyday task of running errands. On your way home, you're attacked by a very angry squirrel. AAHh?! You guess that it was agitated after being driven out of its home due to the recent construction happening in the nearby woods. For a moment you continue to ponder the motivations of the squirrel until you look at your hands. They're bleeding. Did that squirrel have rabies?..

... Eh. Probably not worth worrying about. You go home, clean up, bandage the bites, and sleep. Or at least you try to. This voice keeps speaking in your head, telling you to play their game, and when you open your eyes after finally going to sleep... You've gone blind!

...Or you're just stuck in a very dark room. Not your room. Wait. Not a room. A place. Filled with darkness. You hope to god that this is all a dream. Maybe you cry a little. Maybe you scream. Maybe you take it upon yourself to get yourself out of there. Whatever your choice may be, you've ended up in a different world, with people and creatures just as odd as your current situation. Will you make friends? Enemies? Meet the love of your life?... Or will you just go home, back to your peaceful life and peaceful home?
It's all up to you.
But Chu, What exactly IS FAE?
Ohohohoho~ (imagine that as a snobby anime girl laugh, please) I'm glad you asked, dear reader! (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧ As explained above, it is a Roleplay group, but obviously there are already established characters and worlds. And lots of other stuff. It's not necessary for you to know everything going in, since I'm writing the game in a way where it'll be understandable to people unfamiliar with the world. Though, if you'd like to learn more on your own, you can look at the group here.

The game thus far is structured just as a plain old visual novel. You make choices, and your choices change the story… Some in greater ways than others. There's no fancy days system or stats system or map system (this project is already a handful as is, I don't think I'm smart enough to learn that all, and it would make things even more complicated!), but the player has a lot of freedom on where they want their story to lead! Here's what I've got coded/planned:
  • Choices. Lots and Lots of Choices. Maybe too many choices?!
  • Lots of Routes. I repeat. A LOT.
  • Yes, there will be CGs! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚
  • And animations? Maybe?*
  • Easter Eggs >:3c*
  • Original music pieces (for special occasions)*
  • Voice Acting*
  • Multiple Ends. Good Ends. Bad Ends. Neutral Ends. Secret Ends. Romantic Ends. Friendship Ends. YOU GET AN ENDING, YOU GET AN ENDING, WE ALL GET AN ENDINGS!
    And maybe a True End? (Still debating on this one since it might be a pain for a beginner like me to code. Also would mean MORE WRITING, OH GOD)
*Though my friends and I have discussed these things, they are not in priority, right now the most important tasks are making the sprites, writing the routes, and shoving them ingame.
The Characters (And Art!)
Ah yes, this is what you've all been waiting for- Or not- the characters! There's going to be… A lot. Due to the nature of all these assets being created by the character's respective owner (with a few exceptions) the art style will differ, meaning that admittedly this game won't be the most visually appealing. But this is for fun! And I feel there's something beautiful about many artists coming together, showing off their individual styles, and I'm glad to be able to let the characters come to life in the game. Nevertheless, I hope you'll like the characters for who they are, since they're what's most important to me. ( ´ ▽ ` ) As character sprites are finished, they'll be added to the roster! At the moment there are only brief descriptors and only one of their expressions, but in the future there'll be more detail and sprites- I've been typing this for a good few hours now and should take a break after posting. x'D
The main character, and the hero- or villain- average-person- of this story. They have
no set gender, no set age, and they could very well be you. Alex is re-namable, and you
control their actions. They may tend to be a little spunky, but in the end, it's you who guides
them down a path or heroism, villainy, friendship, or romance.

Fenrir Lupus
You're seldom to see an expression other than a frown on this man's face, but don't let that
fool you. Though intimidating, he's kind, and you wonder what's driven him to to carry such a serious demeanor.

Owned and drawn by me. He currently has 23 expressions, and 2 costumes.

Nazareth Slade
If there's one thing Naz never fails at, it's smiling. This eccentric young man is full of sunshine,
but something about him makes you think that perhaps there's something hidden under that smiling visage...

Owned and drawn by me. He currently has 16 expressions.

Alois Torstenson
Alois is a young man of few words, and whose thoughts are better reflected in his actions.
Underneath the surface there seems to be much more going on, but how exactly will you make him open up?

Owned and drawn by Armsfodinner. He currently has 31 expressions.

One should not play with fire just as one should not play with Tamberlaine. Though small in stature, he is a
man not to be messed with. He's eager to have fun, but there's something eerie about the strange ornaments in his hair...

Owned and drawn by Bistreblack. He currently has 14 expressions.

Kenna Latimer
Bold, brave, and fiery of heart and of temper. Kenna's eager to have fun, and holds a sense of determination
second to none. This, however, leads her too push herself too far, more often than not. Will her reckless personality
lead to her downfall?

Owned by BlazingTank, drawn by me. She currently has 19 expressions.

Brittany Knight
Hard-working, dutiful, and loyal. She's a girl who prefers staying on the move- as idleness will often times drive
her crazy. Though stubborn at times, she- wait a minute- what's that on her shoulder?!

Owned and drawn by WolfStarmie. She currently has 17 expressions.

Derya Balık
Derya is talkative, energetic, and loves to sing. She's cute, clever, and very expressive. Don't be fooled by the sprightly
appearance- she has a shrewd, cold side, and you wonder what sort of upbringing has made her so guarded...

Owned and drawn by EasternKatt. She currently has 36 expressions.

Granuaile Nic Longáin
Granuaile is a soft spoken and gentle hearted woman. She is kind, and a bit timid, but her friends are good motivators
for her to get out of her comfort zone. Will you be able to convince her to open up to you?...

Owned and drawn by DemonicSugarcube. She currently has 36 expressions.
Endnote (And Questions)

And that's it! ...Gosh, this got really long. Thank you for having a look at this thread, and thank you for taking your time to read it all. Have any questions for me regarding this game, myself, etc? Would you like me to release a small demo? Who's your favorite character of the ones shown so far? Anything you like? Do you have any advice for me as I produce this? Or just introduce yourself, share your work, whether it be art or a game. I'm interested to see what you guys think about what I'm working on, and I'm also interested to see what you all are up to as well! I really, truly want to connect to this community, and I hope I can further my skills in art, writing, and anything else during my time here.
Have a good day, and I hope you'll decide to support me and my efforts. ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙
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Re: FAE Simulator [VN][Fantasy|Supernatural|Romance]

#2 Post by Pikachewy99 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 3:57 am

+゚*。:゚Updates *。:゚+
Last Update was on Feb. 13, 2017 at a reasonable time
This is where I you guys can see my latest progress on the game. I wanted to
keep it in a separate post so it wouldn't get too cluttered up there.
[Jan. 11, 2017]
Lotsa stuff in the log, but I finally got a Gallery working!
(And yes, that is a new CG sketch)

[Jan. 9, 2017]
New character added today- Bree! Here's a picture of a possible CG.


[Jan. 7, 2017]
Oh dear. New sprites.



[Jan. 6, 2017]
OwO What's this?

Finally! A sketch for a potential CG.

A new character sprite! She's a side character, but she is a precious floof derg.

Well, this certainly looks spooky. (Sprite WIP)

[Jan. 5, 2017]
This is the screen you get if you choose other as your gender- it allows you
to pick what pronouns your prefer. When picking male or female, it automatically
assumes that the pronouns you go by match your gender.



I've implemented player gender! I don't have any art to share today, but at the
beginning of the game, the player now has the choice to select between male,
female, and other. The pronouns and routes in the game change depending
on what you choose. For neutral pronouns, I decided to use xe/xer/xyr/xirself.
Though variations of 'they' are more commonly used, I was having a hard time
integrating that pronoun since it uses completely different tenses than she/he,
which in turn gave rise to difficulty in re-scripting the narratives. That being said,
I hope players don't mind that I've chosen to use this more uncommon set of
gender-neutral pronouns. (๑•﹏•)

[Jan. 4, 2017]
Now that I'm home again, here are some random things
I have to share with you for today.

Image Image

On the left, one of the people helping me with this project
told me to draw his character. Instead, I put his character's hat on Fen. :3c

On the right is a very tiny and rough sketch of a character yet to be introduced,
'Kenna'! I don't own her, but I agreed to draw the assets for her. >uo


I drew up a really bad background for this one so I could post a screenshot.
Who's this? It's the character who's hat I stole. You'll meet him one day.
Just me messing around with the code and while I figure out what part I want to work on next.
Anything in quotes are what I titled the events. Neato, right? There's obviously more drafted, but I only put down the ones that I need to do next.
  • That one special Kenna sprite
  • Rabid Squirrel
  • Color Code Characters
  • Backgrounds
  • GUI
  • Additional Fen Costume
  • "Birds… And the fire?"
  • "Garden Chats Continue"
  • "Why so Serious?"
  • Internalize MC dialogue, rewrite to be more neutral
  • And of course... Debug/Playtest.
Update Log:
  • [Feb 13, 2017] Updated with two new characters I should've added long ago.
  • [Jan 11, 2017] Gallery created! New characters sprites have been made (though I have yet to reveal them- still need to ask the owners), and ATL stuff has been added! Have I actually made any writing progress though? Nope.
  • [Jan 9, 2017] Compiled a list of Royalty Free Songs to use, and new character added - "Bree"!
  • [Jan. 7, 2017] New character added - "Kenna"! More sprites made, another Bad End added.
  • [Jan. 6,2017] Sketched a CG, and made a new character sprite!
  • [Jan. 5,2017] Player gender implemented. Added the first Bad End (which is also the first ending ever coded! :D)
  • [Jan. 4, 2017] Thread posted! ...Along with some silly images.
  • Current # of Words: ~7,000
  • Current # of Gallery Items: 2
  • Current # of Character Sprites: ~150 ... Oh dear.

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Re: FAE Simulator [VN][Fantasy|Supernatural|Romance][2/13/17]

#3 Post by animegame » Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:24 am

What's wrong with playing with my future husbando? XD Tamberlaine is freaking adorable! I know who I am going after when this is complete! Keep up the great work.

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