Matchmaker, Matchmaker [BXB, Friendship, Drama, Humor]

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker [BXB, Friendship, Drama, Humor]

#1 Post by Nekomata19 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:27 pm

Okay, I figured I should probably post something here, so here goes.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker is a fan-game based on the show Gotham - which is a prequel to the Batman stories.


You have just moved to Gotham, a strange city where crime is rampant and the police don’t seem to care. However, you are determined to stay, make friends, and hopefully make some sort of difference in the lives of others.
Info:The player's personality is mostly determined by the choices that are made. However, some basic information is that they are moving from their previous place of residence after graduating college. The player will get to choose what job they want as well, which can lead to some different possibilities.

Oswald Cobblepot
Nickname: The Penguin
Age: 31
Height: 5'6"
Info: Oswald is incredibly ambitious. He schemed, manipulated, and murdered his way through the ranks of the mob from umbrella boy to King of Gotham. However he has a softer side – his mother was the most important person to him, and he longs for friends. After suffering many loses, he is a bit unhinged and emotionally needy. Oswald is known to have a crush on Jim Gordon and (briefly) on Edward. He wants to find love that isn’t one sided. Currently he is Mayor of Gotham.

Jim Gordon
Height: 5'8"
Info: Jim Gordon is a detective at the GCPD. He wants to clean up the city and stop the corruption. However, he himself has become somewhat corrupt as he often makes deals with Oswald and has murdered those who would have destroyed the city. Jim is not good with emotions and has been told his ‘default’ emotion is anger. He’s had three failed relationships (one of which is with Barbara).

Barbara Kean
Height: 5'5"
Info: Smart, classy, and more than a little insane. Ever since her time with a man called The Ogre, Barbara has been very unstable. Not only has she murdered her parents, but she attempted to murder Jim’s second girlfriend. She worked briefly with Jerome, Theo and Tabitha Galavan, and The Maniax. After being released from Arkham Asylum she began dating Tabitha Galavan and now runs The Sirens.

Edward Nygma
Nickname: The Riddler
Height: 6'1"
Info: Ed is a genius who loves riddles. He used to work at the GCPD as a Forensic Scientist. After accidentally murdering his girlfriend (and murdering her previous boyfriend), he has spiraled further into insanity. After being released from Arkham Asylum he became Oswald’s Chief of Staff. Edward had found a new girlfriend, however she was murdered by Oswald. Now Ed is looking for revenge.

Selina Kyle
Nickname: Cat
Age: 16
Height: 5'2"
Info: A thief and cat burglar, Selina Kyle prefers to go by Cat. She hides her deeper emotions behind a snarky/uncaring attitude. She is currently dating Bruce Wayne, but refuses to label their relationship.

Harvey Bullock
Age: 40's or 50's
Height: 5'11"
Info: A detective at the GCPD and Jim’s partner. He used to be one of the corrupt cops until he became friends with Jim. Still he doesn’t like to work more than he has to, drinks, and is generally good for witty banter and comebacks.

Jerome Valeska
Age: 21
Height: 6'0"
Info: Overview: Jerome is the son of a Snake Dancer from the Grayson’s Circus. He killed his mother at the age of 18, escaped Arkham, and joined the Galavans as a member of The Maniax. He was murdered by Theo Galavan. However, he was recently resurrected and is back to cause as much mayhem as possible.

Other minor characters: Bruce Wayne, Butch Gilzean, Tabitha Galavan, Gabriel

So, further details: The player character will get to know some of the main characters from the show. Based upon your desicions, you can either be friends or enemies with them. The main goal though is to play matchmaker. For whom? Jim Gordon and Oswald Cobblepot.

I'm working on gathering people willing to help me with this (free) project. As soon as I have anything to share, I'll do so. :) This VN will be 4 chapters long, and right now I'm working on chapter 3. I hope to be finished...soon, lol.


Despite this being a fan-game, would people still be interested in playing it?
What do you think of the whole matchmaking other characters thing, while still being able to make friends or enemies?
And any other feedback would be appreciated.

(I know the potential problems with doing a fan-game. However I am not making money off of it, I will give proper credit, and if there are any issues I'll deal with it. The creators of Gotham enjoy and often post fanart people make, so I have a good feeling that it'll be okay.)

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