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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#31 Post by vana » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:23 am

You should be rightfully proud of your game because I am crotchety and grumpy and do not post often... yet here I am. I've only played three routes so far and am compelled to let you know you did a great job.

Perhaps I will write a more complete review when I've finished everything and am less crotchety.

In the meantime, I will annoy my VN-loving friends until they play this game.

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#32 Post by myuunie » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:39 am

WOW! I don't even know where to begin. First of all... I feel like I am TERRIBLY stealing from you! This game was extremely commercial and for you to not charge... you are beyond a saint. From top to bottom it was PERFECT. The GUI was beautiful, the character art was INCREDIBLE, everything about it... was honestly so so so good I feel like I robbed you.

I shall go with your questions and go from there!

1. What do you think of the plot?

I LOVED LOVED LOVED that you took such an overused topic like fairytales and shaped it into something unique and brand new. I thought that the story was fantastic and that the plot kept itself interesting and that it did not feel repetitive at all. I found that every single route led to something new and a different spin on each tale. I thought that it was awesome that the enemies were never quite the same and that the way that they happened to... act, was always kept different someway or another. It was incredible because it kept me on my toes. I could never guess what would happen next which is an awesome awesome thing since I am always that person who is always trying to predict the plot.

Not a single route was the same as the other. There were things that obviously had to be repeated here and there but the overall concept was absolutely engaging and powerful. I cried... almost in every single friggin' route. In Fritz's route, I SOBBED. My fiancé had to come over and calm me down cause I was hyperventilating. I will talk more about how you guys broke my heart various times in this game, BUT OVERALL. It was incredible.

Needless to say, whoever thought of this has an incredible mind and creative process.

2. Which route did you liked the most and why?

I went ahead and followed the order that you guys recommended, and I thought that it was perfect! I did not get spoiled or ahead of anything, it went in a good pace and I finished off with Waltz. It seems very unfair for me to personally choose a character since I... honestly can't pick. I mean, overall, gun to my head I LOVED Waltz's route the most because it had the least... well, I'll explain in a little bit. But every character was so well thought out that I can't... really decide if you were to line them up for me and tell me to pick a husband. I really can't.

Before anything though, I want to say how much I loved Lucette's character.

Obviously she is no angel from the start. She is an icy, icy, prissy snobby bitch, and no wonder in heck no one liked her. But even then... you could still see that it wasn't like she was doing it on purpose. It was really just how she grew up. It was just that these were the things she thought were correct and by not exploring any outside opinions or getting to know goodness around her, this is just how she grew up. And it really did break my heart because you can tell that she really didn't understand what a good person was. It made her feel so human to me.

And I love that she doesn't turn to a happy, go-lucky person either. That even through her own changes and emotional conflicts she is still blunt, honest, and to the point. I appreciated that instead of everyone telling her off at all times, that they took it as something that was good in character. It especially showed in Rumpel's route as he specifically noted that he could always trust her because she was incapable of lying. Her bluntness becomes a virtue, and once she is open and honest to everyone, everyone sees that she really is a truly decent person. It was just that she was raised incorrectly by someone trying to poison her mind.

She just felt like someone... who you could be angry at, who you could agree with, who you want to comfort. Not someone who you particularly want to be, but someone who you can empathise with because we all have so many moments where the world feels like a dark, scary place that no one can trust. Her character, at least to me, was the most complex character and the one who ended up being one of my favorites. She really grew up to be a queen.
Rob's character was so sweet and precious, and I loved loved loved Sebby. He was such a cute addition to Rob's shyer character. I thought that his route was in particular really beautiful because it was the first one I played and even though the princess was obviously no one's favorite character... she really did change so much. I love that if you begin with this route you get to see her change her personality with Em. I think that was her name. Omg I literally finished the game ten seconds ago and I can't remember her name now. I'll go with Em.

From the start... I really wanted to dislike her and be with Lucette and be like, "YEAH what a... bitch... she is... UGH look at her being all... happy..." but... she was just SO NICE. I am not someone who is all butterflies and rainbows and people who are like Em would honestly irritate me. But it was really awesome to see her be transparent to Lucette and show that she isn't doing it because she wants to. It's just who she is as a person and that in her smile lies her strength to move forward. It was so sweet seeing their relationship become more than just estranged sisters, but actual best friends. It felt like the beginning that I needed because Lucette's family was just so broken. It really did feel like this was the first thing that needed to be mended and it does happen. She mends things with her step family, and although not all is healed with her dad, I do hope that it eventually is in this route.

I loved the snappy relationship that Rob and Lucette had with each other and how it turned really sweet. It was really very much like a little kid falling in love, and I thought that the ending was really bittersweet. I do understand how stepsiblings would absolutely frowned upon, but I felt truly sad they had to hide their relationship. At the same time though, every route was bittersweet in some way or another and after playing the other routes, THIS WAS THE MILDEST PAIN. You guys are heartbreakers!
I was sure that Rob would be my main boy, but I loved Karma's route so so so much. I thought that Karma would be a very flirty personality but he wasn't at all. He was definitely conceited, but he had so much more depth than just that. I loved how beautiful he was, his talents, and his story. I found that he was just so... manly. It's funny to say that since he mostly cross-dresses through the entire route, but he was just so manly in the ways he protected you and in the ways he spoke about you... When he pushed you against the door when he was in pain from the rose... it was just so... manly... anyway.

He really is a prince from the way he speaks and from the way he acts you can also tell. I am trying so hard to remember more of the things I had to say about his route but since I finished it yesterday now my mind is all foggy. By accident I got his bad ending and I started crying and immediately ran to get his good ending. It was so painful to be the one to kill him so I am so glad that things in the good ending go far better than expected. If anything this is one of the best endings because overall... well, BEST OF ALL...

Garlan and Jurian end up together! That just by itself was just such a blessing for my heart. I was so happy when they got together and I was hoping to see more of them being cuddly but I understand that different routes require different ways to go... I was happy to end up with Karma and everything, BUT GARLAN AND JURIAN~! Twice as happy!
He was not my first choice in characters because... I thought him to just not be the kind of guy I was interested in, so I was kind of surprised just how much I enjoyed his route. Although he is extremely flirty, I love that you guys gave him far more depth than just that. His kindness surpassed anything I could imagine, and anything Lucette could as well. I found that this was the most enjoyable part of it all. Seeing someone who was formerly as selfish as the princess become... absolutely far selfless than she ever thought possible. I thought their relationship came with its problems... but it was one that felt like it had a very powerful connection.

It also brought up a good point when Bria came along. I really wanted to hate her, but after she explained what happened between her and Rumpel... I do NOT forgive cheaters and I do not think that is any excuse to cheat. But I do understand the pain the she suffered. If my fiancé were to give our engagement ring away for someone else's sake I would push him off the stairs. That is just a NO. I would've been just as angry as her. You sadly cannot live off the joy of others or the joy that you are giving yourself. You have to work and you have to be paid for the work that you do. I thought that her point was incredibly valid.

I thought that this route taught the most important lesson. I never actually knew the story of Rumpelstiltskin very well (just what I got from Once Upon a Time but I mean... doesn't really count...), but I felt that your route taught a far better moral lesson than the actual story.

It really broke my heart seeing Fritz's being killed by his own father. There was just something so cruel about that action that... I cannot find it in my heart to like the Alcaster character AT ALL. I do understand Mythros's anger and rage and his own love for Hyldir. Without even wanting to, I can understand that being second best... feels like shit. Trying so hard for someone who doesn't give a damn about you is so painful, so for me... Mythros didn't seem like a bad person. He seemed like someone so desperate for the love of his master that he was just trying to force it out of her at any cost.

While on the other hand Alcaster's motives were simply vile. He went ahead and sacrificed his own son for his own purpose. I'll get more into my anger towards him in a little bit but... it was unforgivable.

I also thought that the way it ended with Rumpel having to kill Mythros... THAT GOT TO ME. You guys are evil! Amazing writers but EVIL! I understand the point though. He had to learn that... not all lives can be saved. Sometimes it is better to act because you have to protect someone important, and that action can have it's consequences. I really sobbed for him. I understood that to him every life is precious, and for him to be haunted by it is very understandable. It made him so much more real and human.

WAIT. Did Fritz die in this one or did he die... on the one before this one... Did he die in Karma's route? NO WAIT HE DID. I think I got it mixed up. Either way, STILL REALLY SAD.
Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain. Kill everyone why don't you? Why bother keeping anyone alive, at this point, everyone should just die. I sobbed so incredibly hard I had to stop playing for a little bit... mostly to make dinner, but also to calm myself down. I thought that the overall route was just so so so much darker in comparison to the others, but I did understand how this added to the plot because we got to see the full reign of Lucette's mom. She rules with an iron fist and how many sacrifices had to be made in order for her to die... it was incredibly sad. I do understand the point of this route and it being written this way.

Fritz's route seemed the most... I guess, in a way, not as fluid as the other ones. Because he changes characters so often from Fritz to Varg, I never got to see the powerful connection between them and the princess. I naturally guessed that Fritz had feelings for the princess from the start. However, I didn't get to see that natural feeling of friendship turns into love like in the past routes I played. It just seemed like it kind of jumped forward into it without giving it time to naturally happen. HOWEVER, I will say that they were pretty much meant to be together especially with all that had happened.

Fritz's father is just as vile as Lucette's mother.

OH! Another good point that I wanted to make before! I love that every single character (by this I mean route) has some sort of association with part of Lucette's personality or life. Lucette and Rob both had cold and distant personalities and were of course tied by marriage. Karma and Lucette were both royalty and royalty that were stripped of their title thanks to their curse. Rumpel and Lucette were both forgotten souls that only a few people remembered existing. Fritz and Lucette both came from horrible parents who wanted to use them. Waltz and Lucette became friends because they both found the small things in life beautiful. I don't know if you guys did this on purpose, but even if you did or didn't, GREAT JOB.

ANYWAY! I really... really cried because it felt like everyone good was just dropping dead. When the queen killed Garlan a part of me died with him. When Delora died... I sobbed so so hard. I think that for me, this was the most heartbreaking scene because you really get to see Lucette's relationship with Delora develop into something so beautiful and motherly. For her to fly into Delora's arms crying... it was so painful. It felt like everyone was just dropping like flies everywhere and it really broke my heart.

I think for me, the emotional focus was just so much about everyone dropping dead that I didn't really get into Fritz's development as a character as much as I wanted to. I wanted to love Fritz's route just as much as I loved the other ones, but I must say that his just didn't stand against the other ones as much. It was still INCREDIBLE, don't get me wrong! Still absolutely enjoyable, I think it was just that... I didn't get to see the relationship get built so much as I did with the other ones that I found it to be not as fluid as the other ones.

I think that if maybe we had seen a relationship develop between Lucette and Varg I would've gotten more out of it. It was clear that Varg also had feelings for you, but if Varg and Fritz were one person, I think maybe something more than just a kiss occurring between her and Varg... like a really deep conversation... of her just understanding Varg instead of being afraid (although who wouldn't be). I think I needed something like that so she doesn't end up just calling for Fritz, but also understanding that Varg is another part of him and a part that she likes just as much. I do understand that Varg's primary role was to be a servant under Mythros so I do get why he couldn't quite do that, but... I wish I had seen more of him trying to be nice and more of the princess trying to understand him.
A DEFINITE. definite happier route with a happier ending. Not EVERYONE dies, and I do understand why Parfait and the kind needed to die it just... really made me cry. I was so happy that Lucette really felt like she got her happy ending. I can understand why it's recommended that Waltz's route is played last because it really is the canon route. It feels like everything fell into place really naturally and you didn't even have to guess about Waltz's feelings or the princess's feelings. They started off as friends and he really looked out for her. And quickly it developed into a relationship but it didn't feel at all forced. It felt like this is how things were meant to be.

I found it interesting that the princess's curse was broken so quick as well as Waltz's, however, it didn't feel rushed. It felt like this route needed to focus on bigger priorities than just the curse, and it did. The three good deeds were REALLY AMAZING good deeds and the things that needed focus on, such as the queen, were a lot bigger. I thought that they were addressed awesomely and that everything really fell into its place.

I thought it was so so cool to see her wield magic, and even more, show the people that she is fit to rule. It felt like it was just... so so well written. Waltz and her just naturally fit well together, even at the beginning when she wasn't all that happy to be there. He had the patience that others didn't have and really saw her as a good person. It made me so happy to see their relationship just be so easy. And even more, I think that the happiest scene for me was when she reconciled with her family, especially her dad. For her to lean back on her father, even after he passes away really shows that she has grown into a bigger, better person. One that does not hold any resentment towards her dad, and actually realizes how loved she was.

The scene with the lilies made me cry because I was just so happy for her. It felt like it had really ended with a joyous finale and that it really was the end of the story as much as I didn't want it to end. This route really ended things so... beautifully. It felt like it all wrapped up together and from the beginning to the end it really felt like the official canon route and I am so glad I left it until the end.
3. Do you have any questions? Critiques? Feedback?

Nothing at all! I think I wrote pretty much everything that was on my mind. I just want to thank you for working so hard and making such a fantastic game possible. I still can't believe that I had to pleasure to enjoy it for free and I cannot wait for the fandisk to come out! I am looking forward to everything else you guys bring together; I am sure it will be just as amazing!

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#33 Post by VanessaNellyn » Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:35 am

Congratulations on finishing the game!! I was really looking forward to your new project since Locked Heart was AWESOME, and sure enough, you guys never let me down. Cinderella Phenomenon became one of my most favorite visual novels ever!

1. What do you think of the plot?
Three words. I LOVED IT!! Fairy tales were originally popular because of its unique stories, but you guys put creativity on top of it! I loved how you guys twisted all of the fairy tales in order to suit each of the story's routes. The art was exquisite and the music was mood-changing, polishing the characters and the story.

2. Which route did you liked the most and why?
WALTZ. Because he's my cutie pie. In another note, because I felt that his route was the most 'natural' out of all the guys. He loved Lucette even from waaay back and he's sweet but reliable. When I went through his story, everything I didn't understand was explained and all questions were answered.

3. Do you have any questions? Critiques? Feedback?
I loved playing this game! The music fits every mood, the art and background is breathtaking, the characters are not 'doll-like' and the story is amazing! I loved how you guys put a back story for each supporting character. I didn't feel bored while reading!

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#34 Post by NightWalkerCreep » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:06 am

Okay so I can't take it anymore and I would like to tell you how good your work is ahead of time. I finished 3 routes and got 5 endings out of 10. :lol: And I'm sorry for not following your suggestion on which character to play; I really want to be with Waltz. I can't take it. The moment you gave a note while I was playing Rumpel (Yes, I tried to follow your suggestion but WALTZ TEMPTED ME) that Waltz and Fritz was unlocked... I couldn't take it. :cry:

OH! And again, I would like you to know that I am very thankful that you let people pay for the game depending on how much they want to. I can't pay for this game because again I have no means to do so, but I want you to know that this game deserves to be commercial due to it's high class quality of visuals and stories. Huhu I'm so proud.

So for your questions~!
1. What do you think of the plot?
IT'S TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DESCRIBE. The fact that it's fantasy was truly the reason it fascinated me, and that it's because of fairy tales, the fairies and witches. I can't really put into words everything I love about this game. *cries in a corner*

2. Which route did you liked the most and why?
WALTZ. Wait, do I even need to say that? Lol so let me tell you what I thought about the characters I've dated 8)

He was my 3rd type in this game, tbvh. I never had a thing for younger guys but the fact that he looks so handsome with those eyes and golden hair... I couldn't help it. The development of Lucette here was believable. His route actually became my 2nd fave because it involved Lucette's family. It felt so fluffy and it was just me having fun with this in all it's worth. The ending, however made me a bit disappointed. Maybe it's just me since I don't like open-ended ending. I would have preferred it if you let me know how their parents would react with the fact that she is dating her stepbrother. Were they allowed to be together? Or they weren't allowed to and they broke up or something like that. :lol: But the route was truly fun. Only that the ending felt lacking to me. Maybe it's just me. HURRAH.

Ooooh Good ol' Klaude. His route felt like the most fairytale-like to me. The fact that he's a prince and Lucette's a princess pretty much gave it all away. Oh and let me tell you something fun. Hahahaha I was actually watching the movie Beauty and the Beast while I was playing with his route. When he said he had the 'Beauty's Curse' I was like,
"What fairytale has Beauty in it's title? Uhmm... Beauty and the Beast? Wait, what who's the Beast?" And the fact that his curse really IS Beauty and the Beast made me truly happy for some reason. :lol: Anyways, his ending is amazing.
He was so sweet that I thought I'd get diabetes from it. Everything in the route was wonderful. How he turned to a beast the moment Lucette was hurt, how he struggled; believing Lucette won't love him back and the fact that she hugged him to prove him wrong. KYAAAAAAAH~

JKDFHKSDJGHKSDGIUBCJISDUGIOHFOIWEOEW I LOVE IT. He truly was the main lead~ *throws hearts everywhere* Okay so I didn't see it coming that they were actually childhood friends. Maybe because I skipped other guy's routes that I didn't know? Poor me. BUT I REGRET NOTHING! :lol: Okay, I cried so much in this route. What triggered me the most was first, the death of her father. It was sad! They were just starting to open up to each other,
but then her mother came back and she had to see her father die in front of her eyes. My heart was breaking at that scene. I didn't even know her mom was actually alive. Again, hurrah for surprises. But you know what made me REALLY CRY in this route? Remember that dream she had right after Parfait killed her mom? When they were talking about how Lucette would be the queen, and her mommy said 'Yes, just like Mommy.' and she said I love you to her mom and it went dark and her mother replied 'I love you too... Lucette.' I LOST MY EYES AT THAT!!!!! I WAS CRYING SO MUCH I FELT I HAD TO TAKE A BREAK. HUHU EXCUSE ME
And leggo back to Waltz. Ahihi He's just my type. Tall, dark and handsome. Oweee~ His care for the princess was touching. And that he actually confessed to her on the spot, with no care for the world whatsoever made my heart fly to the moon. And Lucette actually kissed him first AYEEEEEEEEEEE *DIES* overall, these two felt so real. As expected of the main route.

3. Do you have any questions? Critiques? Feedback?
Critiques? OMG NO. Are you kidding? :lol: Just again, thank you for making this wonderful game freely. I hope you continue to share your talent like this to everyone. More power to you and your team! Yay!

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#35 Post by Dicesuki » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:00 am

@kelanael, thank you very much for your feedback! Kooriiko, the director, wanted to make Cinderella Phenomenon accessible to everyone because she really wanted to be able to share the story :)
Alcaster was probably the most "traditional" evil when it comes to villains, but we're glad that you enjoyed the rest of the cast for the most part!
We really appreciate you giving us your thoughts on each individual route! As for Fritz's...
his was definitely meant to be "the dark route" of Cinderella Phenomenon, which is why many of the happenings in the route are... disheartening, to say the least.
And no worries on the long message! We really appreciate you taking the time to write out such a lengthy review; we loved reading it! And we're honored that you consider CP one of your favorites! Thank you very much once again for your support!

@WitchBerryMoon, we hope that you enjoy your playthrough, or, if you've finished it, that you've enjoyed the experience of CP! :) We're very happy that you found it promising.

@Harumi Fujyoshi, thank you kindly for your feedback! We're so glad that the game went beyond your expectations. The soundtrack, unfortunately, is not available for download because the music is royalty-free. On Lucette: we tried to make her a unique and more complex otome heroine that one could still sympathize with, so we're glad that the presentation worked. This is a bit of a belated response, but regardless of whether or not you have finished the game-- we hope that you really enjoy/enjoyed your playthrough! Thank you very much for your support~

@Nori, thank you very much! And thank you very much for the compliments as well! We truly appreciate your feedback on CP! Since Lucette was the MC we strived to do our best to mold her into a unique, multi-faceted character. We're so happy that you enjoyed her! About Fritz's route...
we definitely acknowledge that his route felt abrupt in the "Varg disappearing forever" ending, HOWEVER, you are correct in that Varg is a part of Fritz, which means that that side of him is not completely extinguished. Fritz's curse separated his personality into two parts; Varg's disappearance marks the disappearance of one of those two separate parts. It definitely does not mean that the personality that made Varg up is gone. We will definitely go into more details about this in the CP fandisk!
Once again, thank you so much for your support and for taking the time to leave such a detailed review. We really appreciate it! (And we're so happy to receive a compliment on the logo as well. Thank you! ;) We're quite happy with it~ )

@Evy, we're so glad that you enjoyed CP! Your positive feedback gives us a lot of motivation, so thank you for taking the time to write out such a sweet review. As far as those errors and typos-- we hope to nix some of them in the updated versions of the game and hope to clean up some of the dialogue as we go along. If you find any specific typos or errors other than the "Tinkerbell" and the loop, please do let us know and we'll double check them in the script! And about Fritz...
We'd like to clarify that Fritz's curse more or less separated his personality into another being, that person being Varg. Varg's disappearance does not mark a disappearance of that personality from Fritz's personality. Which means, so to speak, that you can expect more of that "merge" explanation in the FD.
Anyway, we're glad that CP could motivate you with your own work! We hope that our future work continues to impress. Thank you so much for your support! :)

@YonYonYon, thanks for your kind words! ;) And so glad to hear that you enjoyed the mechanics of Karma's curse. (I can say that as the writer of his route, he was extremely fun to work with!)

@xxmissarichanxx, wow, thank you very much for such a detailed review! (Reading all of your comments, especially the route-specific ones, gives us immeasurable confidence) After giving your comment a thorough read, I'll address some of the concerns that stood out! Firstly, about Rumpel:
Rumpel's route was interesting to write in that we sought to give the "flirt" trope a more complex makeover. (That was actually the goal for every character, since we wanted a cast full of depth, but Rumpel's route was an especially difficult line to tread because of his personality/circumstances) His ending was definitely meant to be realistic/bitter-sweet, but a lot of the story endings have that flavor. In Rumpel's case, the ending explored "selflessness" in a different, more consequential light. As far as Rumpel's curse goes: a lot of the "triggers" to his memories are coincidental, but his final trigger (The notebooks Bria possesses) are perhaps the final and most important trigger-- we wanted to make sure that Lucette had an integral part in returning those to him!
We appreciate the opinion very much however, and will definitely keep an eye out for relationship dynamics in the future. Now, onto Waltz...
the showdown between Mythros and Waltz sounds like it would have made an intense scene! In the end we decided to highlight Hildyr's indifference to him; though Waltz still is technically the one to end Mythros in the end. (Ah, we do feel rather bad for Mythros, though ;; ) Otherwise, we're glad you enjoyed his route! His was definitely meant to highlight the relationship between Lucette and her father.
Thank you so much once again for your lovely feedback, and we're so happy that you enjoyed CP! :)

@Polly Grimm, ahh we love you too! ;v; Thank you very much for giving CP a try. (And your English is fine, no worries!) In response to your one request;
I wouldn't worry about not getting any more Varg! He is, after all, an important part of Fritz's personality! Fritz's curse may have split that certain "personality" away from his body, but it is still very much there. You should see hints of Varg, in the very least, in the FD :D Do look forward to it!
Right now we don't have much information on our FD, but we post constant updates on Tumblr and will most likely (eventually) post on this forum! There will also most likely be updates on KS and all of our other social media accounts-- so look for us and you shall find updates as they pop up! Thank you so very much for your support~

As always, replies to comments are tbc. Thank you all very much for your critiques and feedback!

-- Tajina (DICESUKI)

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#36 Post by txqina » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:30 pm

Congratulations, your team has put a lot of work into this game and I am really liking it so far (just Rod and Rumpel bad endings to date). I will write detailed comments and donate later, once I have finished the game.

For now, I just had a question on the Right Choice Indicator. So far I haven't seen anything that I can recognise as being this indicator, regardless of the Preferences setting. What exactly would I see when that is working? It was great that you provided a tutorial, but this indicator wasn't covered in it.
I have seen a twirling polygon in the background at times, perhaps that is indicating which route is active?

I like it idea of it, because it makes the game self-contained rather than relying on a textual walkthrough someplace where internet links can get broken etc.

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#37 Post by Elmvine » Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:29 am

txqina wrote:Congratulations, your team has put a lot of work into this game and I am really liking it so far (just Rod and Rumpel bad endings to date). I will write detailed comments and donate later, once I have finished the game.

For now, I just had a question on the Right Choice Indicator. So far I haven't seen anything that I can recognise as being this indicator, regardless of the Preferences setting. What exactly would I see when that is working? It was great that you provided a tutorial, but this indicator wasn't covered in it.
I have seen a twirling polygon in the background at times, perhaps that is indicating which route is active?

I like it idea of it, because it makes the game self-contained rather than relying on a textual walkthrough someplace where internet links can get broken etc.

The twirling diamond is the right choice indicator aha.

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#38 Post by txqina » Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:43 am

Elmvine wrote:
txqina wrote:Congratulations, your team has put a lot of work into this game and I am really liking it so far (just Rod and Rumpel bad endings to date). I will write detailed comments and donate later, once I have finished the game.

For now, I just had a question on the Right Choice Indicator. So far I haven't seen anything that I can recognise as being this indicator, regardless of the Preferences setting. What exactly would I see when that is working? It was great that you provided a tutorial, but this indicator wasn't covered in it.
I have seen a twirling polygon in the background at times, perhaps that is indicating which route is active?

I like it idea of it, because it makes the game self-contained rather than relying on a textual walkthrough someplace where internet links can get broken etc.

The twirling diamond is the right choice indicator aha.
OK, thanks. Apart from lacking documentation, I think most of the confusion is from the name. What you actually have is a Right Path Indicator.

Some other games put a green tick etc on the button within a set of options that is the right choice. I think the term Right Choice Indicator is better restricted to describing that way of providing hints.

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#39 Post by SwallowtailedTrinket » Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:09 pm

1. What do you think of the plot?
I really enjoyed it :D The characters were all likable in their own way, and I appreciated how even though you were on one guy's route, the others were still around and supporting the protagonist. It made the whole 'everyone at the Marchen is your friend' aspect that Parfait loved to bring up a lot more realistic to see that they really did rally around Lucette. (speaking of Parfait, I really like the dynamic she had with Delora. I could feel the history they had together and they made a great team!)

The fairytale twists were excellent! These are some of my favorite retellings in a long time! Lucette being a Cinderella in reverse was a clever idea, though I kept thinking to myself that each route should have 12 chapters instead of 10 as a nod to this but that's just my silly love for symbolism XD I always found it hilarious when she got an accessory change for fulfilling her good deeds because the characters are always 'well that just happened' and continue on with the story's climactic ending.
I was on the fence about Karma's route for the longest time--I couldn't figure out if he was Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty. Both have roses in them, and he was always tired, so I could never quite make up my mind even when he was trying to give Lucette the "I'm dangerous, you should be scared of me" bit. I wondered if there was a reason he avoided sleeping at night, but the fact that it turned out it was just his work ethic said a lot about his character I think. It was fun to speculate which of the two fairytales it was so I'm glad that it wasn't explained until much later.
Dang, though. You guys don't pull punches when it comes to casualties! I appreciate how it did give the story very real stakes, but ow my heart! Is this a spoiler? Eh, better play it safe and say it's a spoiler--don't want to clue anyone in on the outright suffering they're about to go through XD
OH and random question! Did Delora know about the childhood nickname Waltz gave Lucette? Is that why she sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"?
2. Which route did you liked the most and why?
I liked the routes where Lucette got to mend her relationship with her family best. That was initially where I felt like most of her heartache came from--feeling like she was unloved by her father and that her step-family was replacing her--so seeing her build new relationships with them really warmed my heart. Also the scene where she played 'fairy godmother'<--that might be my single favorite scene in the entire game. Yeah, yeah great romance, so sweet, but I get the biggest grin on my face remembering that one little scene more than anything else. It was just so impossibly adorable!

Karma and Waltz have the best facial expressions. There is no one in this game who manages to look as completely ticked off as Karma does (especially with that lipstick accentuating his frown XD) and I love it! All the character art was great though.
A little confused by Rumple's route, though--I was left wondering if the witch that cursed him was on the side of good or evil. On the one hand, it seemed like maybe she was trying to teach him a lesson about how his selflessness can be taken too far, much the same as Lucette's curse was to teach her a lesson about kindness. The conditions for breaking his curse weren't extraordinary, so I wonder if maybe the witch meant him to be able to all along. But I didn't get the impression from the world building that too many other witches in the area were the good kind (Delora or someone says in another route they're going to tell the other good witches in hiding that the kingdom is safe again, leading me to believe there are few if any that feel safe enough to live there) and I just feel like that thread never quite got tied up. Ultimately it isn't important, I'm just curious.
3. Do you have any questions? Critiques? Feedback?
Something in this game I really came to appreciate is that is was not our jobs as players to make Lucette into a better person. Now this might just be the game designers trying to be tricky and make the 'correct' choice be the less obvious one, but I'm choosing to look at it another way because I like this idea better. More often than not, the correct choices in the early game are the ones where you allow Lucette to be who she is at her current stage of development: selfish, cold, and stoic. When the player doesn't try to force her to be a better person and instead lets her be herself, it gives the other characters a chance to teach her why her way of viewing the world might not be as superior as she thought. It's the characters who change Lucette, not the readers, and there's just something very refreshing about that. And yeah, as you get farther along and she becomes a kinder person over the course of each story then making the kinder choice sometimes proves to be the right one too. It was very interesting to me to have to think at every question "Okay, here's what I'd LIKE for her to do, but what do I think she would ACTUALLY do?".

If I had one complaint it would be there aren't enough contractions. This is something I mostly noticed in the beginning when Lucette is really the only one who talks. I get that it gives a formality to her demeanor to have her say "I am" rather than "I'm" and so on, but to have it in all her thoughts and monologues and descriptions of what's going on was a little exhausting to read. A little more balance would have helped the pace of those early sections. That might just be me though, and I stopped noticing it before the path branched.

I really did love the game! It was hard to close the game window every time I had to go do something else because the pacing just kept you intrigued from start to finish of every route! Thanks for making this experience :D

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#40 Post by Virelai » Mon May 08, 2017 12:17 am

Hi wanted to write a full on review. First of all, this is AMAZING. I can't believe it's free quite honestly, and it's such high production value. If you were to continue creating more VNs like this in the future, I would definitely purchase them. So first of all, props to your whole team for working together and creating such a masterpiece. This is definitely one of the best visual novels I have ever read, and one that will remain ingrained in my mind forever. (I especially love super long VNs with multiple routes haha I just feel like I get sucked into the story more like that you know? All your work paid off!)

Now just to talk about the routes of the different characters.
Now Karma was my first route, and maybe I'm biased but his route is my favorite route. I've always loved Beauty and the Beast, and you guys executed the fairytale perfectly. The main reason why I really liked this route (after playing all the other ones)
was because of the interactions between Lucette and the rest of the crew in the Marchen. There was more liveliness in this route,
and I felt like Lucette really bonded with everybody at the Marchen, I felt like as a person, she developed more in Karma's route than any other route. Additionally, I felt like the storyline behind Lucette's mother was wonderfully executed in this part. Many things were not revealed at once, we learned bit by bit the reason behind everything that happens, and we learn pieces of Karma's past. Tbh during this route, I had googly eyes for Mythros tbh he's a dime LOL. One thing that I wish could've been improved was the outcome of Karma's curse. It was relatively predictable, and I can't help but feel it all happened at once. Quite honestly, I wanted more angst and more emotion/relationship development between Karma and Lucette, but obviously, they were at the palace,
they were under a time crunch, they couldn't lollygag it out and hug and kiss and do cute couple things so it's understandable LOL
I have mixed feelings about Rumpel's route. His character is undeniably unique, I've never met a doctor that actively flirts with other women, so I'll give you originality points for that. I laughed a lot in his route, and I loved the interactions between Rumpel and Lucette. However, as the story started getting more serious, I started getting kind of annoyed. Rumpel's flirting started getting repetitive, and things were moving a bit slow. I do like the way you revealed Rumpel's past, and how you showed that it wasn't entirely Bria's fault and it actually had a lot to do with Rumpel's mistake. I think that's a life lesson we can learn from that and it was a unique twist on an act of selfishness. The ending, I don't really have too many comments about it. For me, after Karma's ending especially, it was okay. It didn't really blow me away, there weren't any huge plot twists, but I really enjoyed how I could see Lucette's resolve and determination in the end.
I'm going, to be honest, I played all the routes in a matter of 2 days I can't quite remember what happened.
I remember the father died in one of them and I got super emo but I can't remember which story it was, but I really liked that part.
Rod and Fritz
I'm lumping them together because quite honestly, I disliked both of their routes very much. I should've read your description better, and played the routes according to your order, but I didn't see it and I totally had no idea you couldn't play Waltz or Fritz until you unlocked two of the characters lol oops! I literally spent like 10 minutes replaying scenes figuring out why I couldn't play Waltz haha. Let's start with Rod. His story was bland, to say the least. I really wish there was more interaction between Lucette and company because it was so fun to see the Marchen all happy with Karma's route. What I do like about this route though,
is the interaction between Lucette and Em. I think it was really sweet and wholesome to see this whole friendship-sister thing develop even after Lucette treated Em horribly. I want to say that this is the route where the father dies but I can't remember,
but I really liked that bit. The main reason why I disliked Rod so much was because I felt like his Fairytale Curse was extremely confusing. A lot of it I didn't understand until the end where everything was explained, and even then I was like, but it still kind of doesn't make sense...? Now moving on to Fritz. His route was annoying for me to read just because of Lucette's personality.
It was a very snobby attitude, and I felt like she didn't truly change her character as much as the other routes. Most of the time she was giving herself self pity, excuses, and somehow believing Mythros even though I feel like realistically she wouldn't????? That was the main part for me as to why Fritz wasn't my favorite character. Additionally, there was no huge developments between Fritz and Lucette, many scenes were lacking, and many scenes featured her with Varg, but not Fritz so I can't quite understand how she ended up with Fritz, when realistically she had more interactions with Varg than Fritz. I have to say though, I am extremely emo after Fritz's route. My emotions are hurt and honestly, I think it was really well written, regarding the deaths of the characters ;-;
i cried a lot.
Waltz (aka my favorite route)
Now I can explain for years why Waltz is my favorite, but here's the main part: it's because Lucette really changed. I could tell by the actions that Waltz made her take, i.e. playing games with children, when she bought the teddy bear from her own volition, that really shaped her personality and made her into someone that was fit to be queen, and fit to stand up against her own mother. I think that was a wonderful touch and you guys executed the development of her character wonderfully. At first, I was uncomfortable because Waltz was a kid, but I realize that it really made the plot move and made it more dynamic, more interesting.
I remember reading a route before this and seeing the box with the key, and MAN WHEN WALTZ MENTIONED THE BOX AS NEVERLAND OH MY GOD I LITERALLY SCREAMED THE AHA MOMENT. I believe it was Karma's route, but I remember Lucette finding the box and the key, but she NEVER OPENED IT AND I WAS SO TRIGGERED BECAUSE i WANTED TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS IN THE BOX. I guess I ended up figuring it out haha. Finally, I feel like the backstory behind Lucette's mother, and Mythros' obsession,
and the whole fairy-witch-human issue was really really revealed with Waltz's route. It made much more sense, and the story was elaborated to where it was dramatic and exciting.
I can truly tell you guys that I can't wait to see what other works you put out! You're doing a wonderful job, I absolutely loved this VN and I wish that I could read more!

Thanks for creating such a wonderful piece of work.
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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#41 Post by ludeshka » Fri May 12, 2017 9:01 am

This was so good.
The art was very beautiful to look at (such pretty backgrounds!)
I really enjoyed Lucette, and her relationships with the different characters. (Delora!!!).
You made me interested in getting the bad ends too, I really enjoy angsty endings, thanks for delivering XDDDD

The MVP in this game is Karma, like, hands down. But I have a super soft spot for Fritz.
I enjoyed this game very much (I did some fanarty doodles! I'll show you when I finish! :D )

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#42 Post by Mello-Knight » Sat May 13, 2017 1:11 pm

I just downloaded it. :D I love the art. The guys are attractive and the premise intrigues me since I love fairytales. I especially like that you didn't reveal all of the curses--I'm interested to learn what those might be! I'll report back later. :)

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#43 Post by Lirch » Sat May 13, 2017 1:22 pm


Since we (two visual novel fangirls) played all the routes to the end we decided to let you know our thoughts about the game :D

First of all, art and style are great. It's still hard to believe that the game is free. The backgrounds are awesome. So are the transitions and the soundtrack. There is not much else to say here, it never got annoying and everything just fit.

It's good that you included the right answers indicator. We didn't know about it going into the game and chose so many wrong answers that it took us a while to notice it existed. That obviously resulted in a bad ending in Rumpel's route – quite a shock. Keeping Lucette in character instead of immediately changing and being too nice too soon in the answers was fine, but usually we had a lot of trouble making the “right” decisions, as they seemed utterly ridiculous at the moment. We know not every game gives the choice to have different personalities (and we can't expect that – especially since the protagonist actually HAS a personality for once, which is a nice change), but Bad Ends seemed to be based on not saying something the right way instead of making a bad plot decision.

No voice actors are fine. Really. Especially compared to games that try to find a middle option which results in “yes”, “no” and disapproving grunts.
It's good that you only need to date two guys to unlock Waltz and Fritz so you can skip one.

Story-wise, there were some interesting plot twists (even though the characters are kind of generic). It's great that the story changes every time, like who betrayed whom and stuff. We wondered why Fritz always disappeared, but it became clear in his route. It was fine to not find out due to Lucette not being present.
The concept with the balance of good and evil etc. was a bit unclear. If Hildyr has been gone all this time, how come the crystal still works? Also the crystals are said to hold great power, but what does that actually mean? Everyone seems to be fine with their magic.
It was good that the story developed over several months, so the love stories and the character development didn't seem rushed at all.
Characters in general
You put effort into giving every character some kind of twist. They were not the usual cliched otome characters that you already know before even starting the game.
We loved that not just Lucette's interactions and relationship with her love interest were important. Having family members with personalities and who matter a lot was great.
(For some reason, we do not have a favorite route for a guy, but more... the best routes were the ones where you can bond with side characters – or HELP characters bond, such as our favorite side characters Jurien and Garlan.)
Even Viorica got her backstory. The world really does feel more alive thanks to that.
Out protagonist is not a sentient toast!
Especially in Waltz's route.
And she has character (though it sucks in the beginning). She doesn't have to be a fighting badass, even though
her magic in Waltz's route ruled.
We liked that even though it was shown that she had a good reason for her behavior, it wasn't excused. That is far too common in stories.

We had problems taking Rod seriously because he has a rabbit on his shoulder. Sorry, Rod. We liked that Sebby had his own personality, though it did raise some questions about why he was completely okay with being Rod's personal translator. It probably didn't fit into this story, but it would have been interesting to see the relationship between these two. Rod's story was great, though, with him not being an asshole / tsundere for no reason but because he personally dislikes Lucette. And we all know how likable her original personality is. We were really excited to learn the nature of his curse, as it seemed really confusing – knowing everything from the start is a bit boring. Also: Go, Emelaigne.
His name was the reason we played his route (with his route being the first) and we were positively surprised by Rumpel. The sassy/arrogant lady killer is an overdone and annoying character, so seeing a nice version was really good!
It was great, even though we accidentally killed him in the first try. He got his share of character development in his route. (Unlike someone.) Also, it's always useful to have a doctor around!
The only thing we didn't like was the fact that you punch Rumpel one time – at least the other time was the wrong choice, but it just seems sexist. It is one thing for the characters to talk about “having to be manly/whatever” but for the game to imply that it is okay for a woman to hit a man because “she is just a woman/he is just a man” really rubs us the wrong way.
Unlike what seems to us like 90% of the fans, we liked Karma least. He slapped Rumpel for no real reason. Instant dislike guaranteed. And not just because we like Rumpel. Also, he was the only boy being cursed for a unsympathetic character flaw, which could have been okay if he had seemed to improve at all. But he somehow broke his curse without changing. Can't you try to improve your situation instead of sitting around and whining, boy. The “I'm dangerous, stay away” never worked on anybody. (And he slapped Rumpel. Come on.)
Fritz's design is great. His disappearance in the other routes made us look forward to playing his route – sadly, he turned out to be a tad disappointing. He is surprisingly passive and his absence in the other routes didn't help establishing his personality, even if the story was interesting. While he has no place to call the princess out as her royal knight, he did give us the impression of being a doormat. In this case, “good” sadly is “boring” - though in retrospect it might be specifically because Varg was completely split from him, giving Fritz no reason to be anything but nice. Also, did he know Lucette from her time as a child? If not, we do wonder what the reason for him falling in love with her was.
You probably can't hear it anymore, but Varg really is more interesting than Fritz.
Everyone died in his route! That was shocking. It was a nice change, let's say, but thanks for not letting everybody die in the other routes.
It probably is mean to say that, seeing as Fritz does deserve a happy end, but we actually hope to see Varg again. Also, the name Varg is cool.
The fact that he was a student of Lucette's mother was cool!
It is a bit strange that he knew Lucette all along and somehow had the closest relationship to her, but didn't show it in the other routes. The relationship itself was more understandable though, with him knowing Lucette as a young girl when she was still nicer and seeing firsthand what kind of person her mother was.
We were glad that his route didn't accidentally turn creepy, with Lucette falling in love with a child.
Waltz is a nicer version of Kaname (from Vampire Knight)... yeah, old guilty pleasure. *cough*.
The best thing about his route is how it all comes together. Usually scenes like the one with the villagers are a bit over the top, but it fit, seeing as Lucette had actually interacted with quite a few people, mostly thanks to Waltz. We were a bit sad when it was over.
(Tinkerbell is spelled "Tinklerball" in Chapter 5. That was fun.)

Minor characters:
Love Emelaigne! She is a good example that nice is not boring. She also isn't too perfect, struggling with her royal duties. We really loved that!

And Rumpel's wife who seems rather bitchy in the beginning, but improves. (Female minor characters in a dating sim that aren't bitches? Yay!)

Also, Jurien and Garlan. What a shame that you could only get them together in one route. They are cute. And love their tragic backstory, being suspended from the Order of Caldira and therefore mistrusting Fritz. It's nice that not everybody loves everybody here.

The king was sympathetic and a poor woobie. It remained a bit unclear how he ignored Lucette or whether that was just her mother's manipulation, which may be because we can only take Lucette's word. (We would have loved a CGI of Genaro and Lucette in Waltz's route!)

It would have been great to see Hildyr's "inhumane smile" some time. It was nice to see that for once not the step mother was evil, but her mother. We were glad that she stayed manipulative until the end, not suddenly going “haargh! Why did you ruin my evil plan of doom?! I always hated you, daughter!”

Parfait has a funny name. In the sense of, strange. At least she does something, even though we do not always see it onscreen. It did not really become clear whether she becomes weaker because Hildyr does or something. Her health in general seemed to only cause problems when it was convenient. (Even though it gave Rumpel more screen time, hue.)

Delora has a pretty design! And she's snarky and great. Makes you wonder how she put up for a year with Lucette. It fit that she didn't mention her dead daughter in all but one route.

Mythros is a bit too obviously evil. We liked the part in Waltz' route when he was just dumped by Hildyr, though. That was tragic. It was a bit funny that no one would make the connection Myth = Mythros, but "It was magic" actually is a decent explanation in the context. It would have been great to see that he actually was the nice guy.

Sir Alcaster was not as obviously evil as Mythros. In the beginning we were so happy that at least one character had at least some facial hair and a nose (without wanting to insult your style, which WAS nice to look at). That sounds dumb, but otome games seriously have a lack of buff men. And facial hair. Personal opinion, yes.
Despite our nitpicking and Karma-bashing, we really, really look forward to your future projects. Good luck and all the best!

We just played Rod's Bad End.
It was beautiful. Sad, but beautiful.
Also we love Varg even more now. The troll foreshadowing was just awesome. We didn't expect that.
We are kind of glad now that Rumpel did not tear himself in half...
Also one of us drew Waltz and Lucette :D

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#44 Post by Evy » Sat May 13, 2017 2:55 pm

Lirch wrote:
Also, did he know Lucette from her time as a child? If not, we do wonder what the reason for him falling in love with her was.
Lucette states at the beginning of the game that Fritz was appointed as her personal knight three years ago, so despite not seeing it onscreen, they've definitely known each other for a while.

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Re: Cinderella Phenomenon [GxB/Free]

#45 Post by cometgears » Tue May 16, 2017 7:28 pm

1. What do you think of the plot?

I liked it! Actually, initially, I was having a hard time empathizing with Lucette and wasn't sure I would like the game, but the dreams showing her relationship with her mother gradually won me over. I also really liked the twists for the fairytale curses.

I ended up playing through all the routes in two days! Even though the overall story was similar, each of the fairytales and romance interests and side characters made the replays feel worthwhile.

2. Which route did you liked the most and why?

Some thoughts about each of the routes:

Not my favorite of the romances, but this one is still up there in my favorite routes because of Lucette's friendship with Emelaigne and getting to know her stepmother. Emelaigne! I really liked her :) I liked how suspicious Lucette was of her niceness, and then how her feelings changed when she learned Emelaigne was actually a nice person (and that there are nice people in the world).

(I was kind of joking about it with someone while I was playing this route, but with the CGs, it sometimes felt like I was in a threesome with Sebby. I mean that in a good way, though :D)
Karma and Rumpel
I think these two routes had the best balance for amount of romance shown with the MC? I wasn't as much of a fan of Rumpel's route because he's not really the type I like, but especially with Karma, it felt like a nice progression seeing the two grow to care about one another. I also enjoyed the matchmaking in Karma's route. Jurien and Garlan were very cute. And I liked having more interaction with people in the Marchen.
I'm not sure I would say this is my favorite route (since everyone dies!), but I think I found the thing with Fritz and Varg the most compelling. It did suffer a little from having so much plot that the romance with Fritz seemed told and not shown. And like others mentioned, I wish there had been more development of the relationship between Lucette and Varg, since they actually were shown interacting. Anyway, I'm really excited to hear that there's going to be more with Varg!
I had guessed what was happening with Fritz and Varg pretty early on, but I had no idea about Waltz knowing Lucette before until I started his route! It was nice to be surprised. And then I felt a little sad that he never got to be friends with her again in the other routes. I think my favorite part of this route was the townspeople showing up to tell Lucette how much she had changed. She really did grow so much as a person, to become someone who would be a good queen.
3. Do you have any questions? Critiques? Feedback?
I did wonder how the story could have changed if some of the bad guys could have been less black and white. Like on Rumpel's route, finding out the fiancee's side, that was really well done. Mythros also made sense, even if I didn't agree with him. Maybe that was the point with Hildyr, that she had been completely corrupted, but it was hard to believe she could have been good before. And Alcaster's plans also seemed so extreme that I don't understand how he could ever think it would work.
On a gameplay note: after a few replays, I kind of wished I could skip the credits, after watching them once.

Another gameplay thing: The right choice indicator came in handy.

Thanks for making a great game, and I'm looking forward to your future projects!

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