[Construct 2] Ink plugin for text driven games !

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[Construct 2] Ink plugin for text driven games !

#1 Post by CeyFun » Sat Nov 26, 2016 1:17 pm

Hi guys !

I'm new to this forum and hopefully I'll help someone.

You're probably thinking "Hey ! Construct 2 isn't a soft to make the kind of games we're talking about here !", and you'ld be right. But I've just made a plugin for this software to help you using it for VN for exemple.

So, what's your Ink plugin thing ?
It's a scripting language made by Inkle, a very good game company that made me read long "books" even if english isn't my native language (btw sorry for my english). It helps you to make large branching stories in a simpler way than Ren'Py I think (I've never used Ren'Py so don't take it for granted). Anyway. That language has helpt a lot for the creation of Sorcery! so check it out to see what is it capable of.

How do I use it ?
It's simple ! The conditions/actions/expressions of the plugin are really like the ones in the tutorial on how to use it here. For the external function binding you have to use the official function plugin so you have the ability to return something. The writing tutorial is there.

Where can I download the plugin ?
Pretty simple, just go there.

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Re: [Construct 2] Ink plugin for text driven games !

#2 Post by juliaa » Tue Dec 13, 2016 11:55 pm

Looks interesting but renpy is not just dialogue it is the whole vn package. I have tried other game builders like buildbox but after you play around and make a few lvls you realize that you need a working gui, menus, tool bars and all kinds of stuff. And you don't even know where to start. But renpy is pre built for all of that thank God.

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Re: [Construct 2] Ink plugin for text driven games !

#3 Post by 8oni » Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:57 am

I have try Inkle before, it's easy to use and if you are writing story for vn that have a lot branch then software like Inkle is really helpful.

But unfortunately, since this kind of interactive narrative rely heavily on writing skills and I know I am not that good with English [it's not my first language btw so yeah, I admit grammar and tense etc isn't my strongest point ._. ] I don't really take much interest on it.

Regardless, I have play one or two interactive story that only have text on it and they usually are really good.
Oh and I hope this isn't OOT but I usually play them on my phone but the last one I play is a PC game from here :
^ It's ranked 18 on Asylum jam btw so it show that you don't need much to scare people, sometimes words is enough and I do get scared at some point 0.0

So yeah, my point is you can make a good interactive story using any kind of software but on my opinion Inkle is focused toward a writer so it's not my jam but I wish good luck for anyone who using it.

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Re: [Construct 2] Ink plugin for text driven games !

#4 Post by ocimpean » Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:00 pm

I appreciate interactive text fiction. Hopefully I will get the chance to test this plugin. Thank you.

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