With Blue Uncertain Stumbling Buzz [SoL][SuNoFes17]

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With Blue Uncertain Stumbling Buzz [SoL][SuNoFes17]

#1 Post by Ghost of Crux » Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:31 pm

With Blue Uncertain Stumbling Buzz
also fondly known as "Aiden Social Anxiety Management Simulator"

Aiden is not a stranger to tutoring.
He's quite a bit good with it, actually-- well, at least to two people: he knows to keep nature noises on when he and Es go through homework just in case someone passes by talking and distracts her, and he and Ces keep a truly impressive assortment of pens and washi tapes to color-code and illustrate math questions and notes. So yeah! He knows how to tutor these two.

Probably still shouldn't have agreed to tutor Marce's brother just because he likes him, though.

It's sixth grade maths and sciences-- of course he knows how to do fractions and all that. The problem is...
You sure you okay, Andreu? Because you seem a bit... terrified.





- Stress meter that fluctuates with random number generator, because social and general anxiety sucks!
- Bullet journal aesthetics because they totally saved my ass
- A focus on attempts at communication for further understanding between people, because why not
- Manage stress levels and social fatigue by thinking through social activities you accept and reject
- DELEGATE BACKGROUNDS TO free stock images because I am so done with drawing
- Have a screen on self-help management tips that will affect how stressed Aiden is... sometimes. Hey, nobody said they work perfectly.
- It never really comes up in the story, but Aiden's non-binary.


1) How do you feel about the premise? Do you have any problems by a dating-sim-esque planning system that isn't really rigid?
For the record, in most cases you can opt out within a certain time limit. (this time limit is set by politeness)
2) Do you personally struggle with anxiety? Social anxiety? Do you have certain coping tips you don't mind talking about? I would really like to include more tips from other people in case it can help.
3) The current GUI is not set in stone. There are certain aspects I've been wanting to ask opinions on, for better and more user-friendly look. Any input? (the text font itself is customizable: I've included a sans-serif (Roboto light), serif (Napo), and Open Dyslexic)

I would love to collaborate or do some skill-trade for anyone willing to help me with these!

- choosing and adding music and sound effects to scenes
- programming in said GUI
- be a responsible adult in my stead because i cannot

In any case, thank you for reading this far. I hope I'll crawl out of burnt out land and back into productivity, but I think I really need to take that break now that I've posted this. Wish everyone luck for SuNoFes and Yaoi Jam!
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Re: With Blue Uncertain Stumbling Buzz [SoL][SuNoFes17]

#2 Post by Zelan » Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:16 pm

I still love your art after like a year and a half since I first saw it. It's so pretty. <3

I really like the premise! I don't think I've seen many narrative games with protagonists who struggle with severe social anxiety to the point where it affects plot/gameplay.

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